June Roundup

in the air somewhere in canada

In the air somewhere in Canada on my way to Montreal

OMG! Where did June go?! I know this post is really late because I thought I had at least one more day to write it! haha, sorry friends!

This month has been a whirlwind!  School finished on the 10th. I flew back to Portland on the 12th (didn’t arrive here until midday on the 13th).  Went to the Portland Cider Summit with friends. I participated in a salsa congress for three days a few days later.  Then I jetted off to Montreal for a week with my best friend, Marisa.  I got back from Montreal at about midnight last night, started an online International Baccalaureate class this morning, and went salsa dancing this evening at Last Thursday on Alberta (a little monthly street fair here in Portland). Whew!

Expect some posts about the salsa congress and my trip to Montreal soon.

On to the roundup!

Around the web:

Something not entirely suitable for work but so funny: a little stand-up comedy routine about body image and stupid thigh gaps.

The NYT has been reporting a lot about the violence in Venezuela because of all of the shortages.  Here is a link to a video about the current situation, especially the food shortages.

If you haven’t already read/listened to it, check out the letter that the Stanford rape victim wrote to her attacker. It is perhaps the most moving thing I have ever read.


Another beautiful song by Christina Aguilera: “Change“. This article says that all of the download sales will go to benefit the victims from the Orlando shooting.


The best book that I’ve read this month was Red Knight Falling which is book 2 in the Harmony Black series. Many people agree that it is sort of like a mix between X-Files and Grimm thanks it centering around a special ops team who fights supernatural beings.  Fun read.

Also, if you are looking into a new series you should check out “The Paper Magician“. I’ve only read book one, and it seems a bit like it is setting up the back story for further plot development in the following books, but I like that is introducing a very original magical world.  The romance angle is a bit forced, but perhaps that is developed more in future books as well.


I saw two movies that made me laugh a lot this month: How to Be Single and Sleeping with Other People. Both movies are slightly raunchy comedies with a girl-power slant that I appreciate.  I think the acting was a bit better in Sleeping with Other People, but I laughed more while watching How to Be Single.


Was there anything on tv this month other than Game of Thrones?!!! I didn’t think so!  My friend and I managed to watch the season finale while we were in Montreal and it was the best one yet! I am still not caught up on Daredevil or House of Cards, and now my friend suggests that I watch Luther as well.  This is what summers are for when you are a teacher right (other than taking PD and planning for next year that is!)?

Does anyone have any book, music, tv, or movies that I should check out now that I have some free time to enjoy them? 

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