International Educator Interviews: Amanda in Venezuela

My first ever interview for another blog was posted today! One of these days I want to start interviewing other international educators, but until then I will contend myself with reading interviews on The Present Perfect.

The Present Perfect

This week’s interview is with fellow blogger Amanda teaching in Venezuela. She loves the country so much that she’s moving on to her second school there. After reading her interview, check out her blog at

Where are you now and what are you currently teaching?

I’m currently teaching second grade in Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela. It is a tiny city on the coast of the largest lake in South America. Sadly, Lake Maracaibo is too polluted to take advantage of.

Is this your first international post or is this one in a string of many international posts for you?

Before teaching here I was teaching second grade in China and before that I taught preschool in Mexico. I have also taught summer school and summer camps in Japan, Italy, and Azerbaijan.


At Angel Falls-the tallest waterfall in the world

What made you decide to teach internationally?

There were two things that set me on my…

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