Best of Teaching Wanderlust

I will try to keep this updated with the best and most useful posts according to the stats available to me on WordPress.

My gorgeous house in Venezuela

My gorgeous school housing in Venezuela

Working Internationally

Why Teach Overseas?

The Difference Between Teaching ESL and Teaching At an International School

5 Things You Need to Teach Internationally

The International Job Fair: What You Need to Know

You Decide to go to the International Job Fair: Now What?

International School Interview Questions

Before You Sign That Contract

Retirement for International Teachers

My Top 10 International Schools (with links to my reviews AND to school web pages)

Letter of Intent

Why Do Expats Stay in Difficult Places?

Places With a High Quality of Life and Low Cost of Living

The AMAZING outdoor area at Hostel Inn Iguazu. My favorite hostel after ten years of staying in hostels!

The AMAZING outdoor area at Hostel Inn Iguazu. My favorite hostel after ten years of staying in hostels!


How to Look Sexy While Traveling

How to Save Money While Traveling

Make Your Own Travel Journal

The Bolivian Border Crossing

Who Goes on Cruises?

Latin Lovers and Dating in Venezuela

Itinerary for 3 Weeks in Ecuador AND the GALAPAGOS!

One Month European Budget

3 Weeks in Peru and Bolivia Itinerary 

Mendoza, Argentina 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cambodia Highlights

Beach Adventures in Curacao




7 responses to “Best of Teaching Wanderlust

  1. Hi!!! Just found your blog and I’m loving it!! I’m currently an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea and I’m in the process of applying to international schools. I was an elementary school teacher in New York for 2 years, and I have my Masters in Childhood Education, as well as NYC teaching certification. I’ll definitely be reading for tips during this process! Great job!

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    • Hi Mimi. Thanks! I’m glad you like my blog and are finding useful tips. It sounds like you are in a great spot to apply for international schools. Sometimes it can be hard to get hired as an expat if you are already in the country you are applying so just be careful of that if you want to continue working in South Korea. Good luck!

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  2. Hi! I’m an elementary teacher in the US and am currently working on my masters with a couple years of teaching experience. your blog is so very helpful. Teaching internationally is a dream of mine!!! I saw where you listed your top 10 schools…is there a place where you talk about why those are your top 10? Especially the school is Islamabad and in Kuala Lumpur …?
    Thank you!!!


    • Hi Sana,

      I’m happy that my blog has been helpful to you!

      That blog post that you mention is one of my first posts that I wrote if I remember correctly. At the time I wrote the post it was written specifically because those schools have excellent programs and I thought I would fit in well there. My top 10 list looks a lot different now so I think I will have to make a new list!


  3. Oh that would be great to see your uodated list! Can u post the link of that post where you talked in detail about that school? I can’t seem to find it 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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