The Price of Beauty in Venezuela

Venezuela is known for its cosmetic surgery industry.  This article says that Venezuela has won more major international beauty competitions than any other nation.  Women here spend a significant portion of their salaries on beauty-enhancements.  18 women this year have died from silicone butt injections. There is even a BBC documentary about it called Extreme Beauty Queens.

This article says that over 16,000 people have breast implants in Venezuela.   They are affordable here, I have heard people quote 1-3,000 USD for breast implants.  Over my December break I heard about a friend of a friend who got breast implants for only $800 US dollars in Valencia (thanks to the great exchange rate and already affordable prices).  I know several people in my little city who have had plastic surgery.  In fact, twice I have had people say that they know someone who can “help” me (said while pointing at my chest).

Despite the negative stories and problems Venezuela has, I know I am in the right country because my natural assets are appreciated! This post was inspired by a first grader who said to me, “Miss, why do you have such a big butt? Is it because you do yoga? I think so!” And last school year, “Miss, did you get butt implants, like my mom?”

I told them, “Nope, just genetics my dear!” hahaha

So if you are interested in medical tourism or you are just naturally curvy like myself, then Venezuela might be the right place for you to visit.


5 responses to “The Price of Beauty in Venezuela

  1. They like big butts and they cannot lie…

    Sounds like I need to go to Venezuela. I don’t need implants either. Ha! 😀


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