Saying Goodbye in Second Grade

I will miss all of my students!

I will miss all of my students!

This is a scene that has repeated several times in my classroom over the past month. Saying goodbye to this group of second graders is going to be hard!

“We don’t want you to go Miss!” said one of my students.

The others chimed in with laments similar to hers.

“But the school is bigger, I will have more resources, I will be able to find TOILET PAPER because Valencia is so much bigger!” I said triumphantly.

“We understand Miss,” another student pouted softly.

“…but I still think I might die without you Miss” said one of my more dramatic students.

“I think you will be fine. And remember, if you get really sad you can come visit me at my new school. I will be teaching third grade so you can compare your visit to what your class is like here.” I said this knowing that they would probably not be able to talk their parents into the five-hour drive to my new school, but hey, you never know. I have heard that some of our schools’ students’ families have private jets.

The part about visiting me seems to make them happy enough.

“Thank you for giving me your email address Miss. I will try to find you on Instagram too,” chimed in another student.

Today they cheered when I showed them a video I had made of our school year together. Their parents were visiting our class when I showed them the video at our end of the year party and they asked me to put it on youtube for them right away.

Some of my second graders started to cry when they saw the video!

Here is our end of the year video:


Goodness! I will miss this group of students!


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