What do International Teachers do Over the Summer Vacation?

Even climbing trees on a beach can get boring if you do it everyday! What do you do to stay busy over the summer?

Even climbing trees on a beach can get boring if you do it everyday! What do you do to stay busy over the summer?

Most US-based teachers that I know teach Summer School, tutor, or pick up a part time job somewhere.

As an international teacher, for the past three summers I have gone home and had fun with friends, traveled a little, shopped for things I can’t get overseas (miso paste, peanut butter, and various spices come to mind), and ate A LOT of food. I will probably do the same this summer unless I pick up a couple of babysitting jobs during the day when all my friends and family are at work.

I’m not sure if it is my fiscally responsible side (Business Administration minor remember) or my wanderlust kicking in, but I have been thinking of trying to do an international summer camp for 1-3 weeks during the summer of 2015. Does anyone have any recommendations?

As I have mentioned before, I have a strong case of wanderlust, and I am pretty fearless when it comes to travel (living and working in Venezuela for two years now!). I have a tendency to work in places that most people wouldn’t even consider going to (Azerbaijan?).

So when I say international, I mean if they will provide me food, housing, and only require me to work 5-7 hours a day I would probably be interested. If they also provided flights there and back I would be jumping up and down for joy. If it also included additional pay to use during any downtime I would say, “Show me where to sign up!” Again, any recommendations?

Generally I am free June 20th to August 1st but I do want to spend time with family and friends for at least 2 weeks so a camp for 1-3 weeks would be ideal.

Here are some possible options I’ve found that sound interesting to me:

Diverbo camps in Spain (I love Spain!!) http://www.diverbo.com/en/jobs

Become and Au Pair in Spain http://www.aupair-world.net/index.php/au_pair_program/spain/au_pair

Tecs English Camp in Spain http://recruit.tecs.es/

https://hemerafoundation.fluidreview.com/ free month long program for teachers!

Outdoor Instructor (if I had a full 3 months off) http://www.backdoorjobs.com/ehos.html

Rustic Pathways- http://www.rusticpathways.com/employment leading trips around the world!

Summer camp in the US http://www.greenriverpreserve.org/work-at-grp/staff-faq

Ratna Work-Study Retreat http://ratnalingworkstudy.com/work-2/ratna-ling-retreat-center/

Sabbatical in Hawaii http://www.kalani.com/Sabbatical-in-Hawaii if I were feeling rich since it costs $3000 for a month. Or they have a volunteer option but I don’t know if it is available for only one month: http://www.kalani.com/volunteer/volunteer-options and that costs $1800.

Summer Camp in Washington http://www.norwester.org/staff/apply_s.html

Yellowstone http://www.yellowstonejobs.com/seasonal-positions-7522.html

I think it is too late for me to apply to any of these jobs for this summer, but I still want to know what other teachers do!

If you have other ideas, please share them below!



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