How to Get a Dance Partner


Salsa (almost always) requires a dance partner!

Salsa (almost always) requires a dance partner! Photo Cred

I’m talking about Latin dancing here friends!

I have only been to non-Latin style clubs a handful of times (Italy, Spain, Japan, China, and a couple in Portland), but I don’t consider that type of “dancing” to require a real partner (because usually it is just some guy grinding up on my ass until I get tired of it) whereas with Latin dancing, a partner is rather necessary! I have danced in Latin clubs in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, China, Japan, Thailand, Venezuela, and all over Portland and Eugene, Oregon. All of these places have similar patterns to follow to get a dance partner.

Scenario 1: If You Are a Lady-

Stand there (sitting is much less successful), smile toward potential partners, and look pretty

Scenario 2: If You Are a Gentleman-

Smile, make eye contact, approach the lady, hold out your hand, and ask her to dance (sometimes this part isn’t necessary because the music is so loud, there is a language barrier [China/Japan] and the intent is so obvious)


Scenario 3: If You Really Like to Dance (Man/Woman)-

Make eye contact with your potential partner while dancing (and thus showing off your skills), smile at your potential partner, go and ask them to dance


You see, when I go salsa dancing I really hate to sit out for a song (unless it is Reggaeton or some other hip hop song and I’m not sufficiently drunk enough to appreciate) so I use scenario 3 to always ensure that I have a dance partner. This is something I learned while living in Venezuela and guys just don’t ask strangers to dance.


Go and dance people!  If you aren’t dancing and you want to, ask people around you!

Please comment! Do you have other tips for getting a dance partner? Do you have any salsa clubs you can recommend in Valencia or Caracas?  How do you deal with dance partners where talking to strangers is not really encouraged due to safety (like Venezuela)?


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