October Monthly Roundup

I miss these Fall colors! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/matthewpaulson/8596864644/in/photolist-e6Fbmd-5wTqzJ-dnengg-fTijEP-68UVmX-7LpikE-6nErg6-9FRh-avmLQZ-eoiaKp-443iPE-79Ugzy-5D697a-g8vjmH-bw1Hxm-dhuJ47-aqHbUQ-5vqEcJ-5y5bnn-fnxqro-dw5nKN-4rSXnC-dPHeFS-5zim16-4BsbTN-b4LZQp-81t9ic-feTXjV-5xpR7p-rfRyG-7gdMrW-dtc76d-6yfhmd-hdNwpR-HvQvA-a74zg7-4FBvtd-9XyvAR-dnjCUk-46MeWD-goSGcN-52CGL-gEEcBt-fgGngD-GeTVG-fjVdoT-58maRj-gBVc1B-5STv7s-5u1r8X

I miss these Fall colors! Photo cred 

Today is Halloween!

I’m always curious about how each new school/city I live in will celebrate Halloween. My school has a big party in the afternoon that teachers are required to go to. At my last school the whole day was focused on Halloween at school, and at night there was a huge party with the parents and everyone was told to bring their own bottle.  How do you celebrate this fun holiday?

Around the Web:

I always have this desire to volunteer abroad, but it is at war with my desire to see as much as I can of a new place. One of these days I will have to try out one of these volunteer organizations!

It is application season for those of you who are thinking of moving on to a new international school. These are great interview questions to prep for no matter your career!  Also check out the mega list of questions I put together especially for international school teachers.

I never thought of retiring in the Philippines, but $1000 a month to live comfortably sounds like a great deal!

What do young children eat around the world? Usually, it isn’t cereal with milk!

After I saw this article about weird bookstores, I added the one in Santorini to my Greece travel destination list!

I remember studying and preparing a presentations about Democratic Schools for one of my classes for my second Master’s degree. It seems like a fascinating idea to give students this much freedom! This is truly inquiry based learning!

I have spoken with quite a few Germans about their schooling system (because I’m an international educator AND a big nerd) and I’ve always heard good things about it.  The Germans that I spoke to said they had many opportunities to change their track if they wanted to and that their schools really prepared them well for future jobs.  So why are apprenticeships so rare in the US?

I have not truly considered Taiwan before, but this article has won me over. I was particularly attracted to the apparent safety and conveniences found in Taipei.  Does anyone know of a good international school here?


I haven’t read anything truly exciting this month. 😦

If you like a good mystery you could read, “Aphrodite” by Russell Andrews.This is the first book I’ve read by this author, and I was surprisingly well entertained. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. I would only give this book 3.5/5 stars because it really wasn’t that different from a lot of other mysteries I’ve read.


A salsa song with two of my favorite Latin artists, Romeo Santos and Marc Anthony! “Yo tambien” is fabulous and I can’t wait to dance to it!

I love bachata and I think this song is sooo cute! If you like romantic songs about kissing or just want a new bachata song, check out Juan Luis Guerra 4.40 – “Tus Besos

I don’t hear much American music where I live, but I came across this song on Youtube and it was super catchy! I think this would make a great workout song too…and I need to get back in the gym! Check out “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj.


Red Band Society: I’m not usually one for hospital dramas, but I still enjoy this new show.  It is a feel good drama about kids living in a hospital narrated by a boy in a coma.

The Amazing Race: I love watching this show because I dream of being on it one day. I still think my friend Syeeda and I would make the perfect team! Two international teachers racing their way around the world! Maybe one day….

Note: There are Amazon affiliate links in this post. 


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