Leaving Tomorrow for Lima!!!

I will get to see this bad boy in just a few days!! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidstanleytravel/7914096100/in/photolist-4dXWrK-d4kP3L-4EEycN-68ezpJ-ETZpE-dhJ4Jg-4DngTS-2mkd9B-4AFakb-4A8buN-4AeHU8-fyRHP7-4DER9d-fzgRoF-4bJgRa-4nZnVz-4AwWQ1-dMZoPU-4EggJt-4BWrsk Photo cred

I will get to see this bad boy in just a few days!! Photo cred 

As you probably know by now, I am going to be backpacking around Bolivia and Peru for 23 days.  I asked for help with my itinerary a couple months ago and it basically hasn’t changed.

While I’m Gone…

I plan on bringing my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4s (I know my tech is old but this makes me feel less worried while traveling alone because hopefully people don’t want to steal my outdated tech!) so I will be working on some posts while I’m traveling but since I’m not used to typing much on my iPad I have prepped some posts to automatically post while I’m away.  It would be ideal, however, if I could update while I’m backpacking so readers could give me immediate feedback and advice.  We’ll see how well that idea works, but the other posts are there just in case!

Neither of the countries I’m visiting are on the top ten most dangerous countries in the world list so I’ve decided to bring my DSLR with me! Even though I will be traveling solo and it is therefore a little dangerous to have a big camera around my neck, I always feel so uncomfortable and unsafe taking it out while I’m in Venezuela, that I expect to take lots of pictures while I’m there.



10 responses to “Leaving Tomorrow for Lima!!!

    • Thank you!

      I will be at Machu Picchu on Christmas Day and I think this is the best present I’ve given myself in a while! If I’m not going to be home with my family I’m happy that I can be somewhere magical on Christmas Day.

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  1. Have a wonderful trip! I have been really enjoying reading your posts, especially the one about travelling with your dslr. I’m getting one to add to my kit next week, great to see how other travellers get along with bringing kit on their adventures. Stay safe and Merry Christmas,


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