Wishful Wednesday: The American School in London

London Bridge photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/anirudhkoul/3499471010/in/photolist-dTZz6m-dfpzSn-cdNaC9-by4yMc-biScG4-agsTRC-9DFfA7-9A3nnT-9i7rec-9do9RU-8L333E-7Ri1WF-7d1Fi1-6NDVHN-6qcTXk-6keGP5-61gnGF-5TgxdD-5QQM3D-5myaRY-5c4Fou-4Kdh4B-4B5vqz-3RC9nU-zXbcZ-2bfJ6-coecMA-byucxr-bjJeWz-ajp2gq-9mUxEh-9misqW-9j3wNv-9fKd9x-9aJZKx-95k1GW-9431CY-8Vei95-8UWRPL-8QRMcb-8BZRKc-8w1U1e-8bkvxZ-8aZ2PA-8apAqw-7G2vAN-7zy512-73SsoF-6hUiPW-6bgX6z

London Bridge photo cred 

I’ve never been to London because I have always assumed it would be very similar to big cities in the US. However, after living in crazy Venezuela for the past few years, a little bit of home seems like a wonderful thing. Also, everyone I have met who has been to London absolutely loved it. It is also in Europe and teaching in Europe is a lifelong dream of mine (and many other people too!).

There are a couple of schools in London that will hire an American, but this is the one I have heard the most about. Lets see how it measures up!

I give this school a  9.5/10! 

1. What type of school is it?

Non-profit, US accredited, offering an American curriculum

2. Student population:

ASL is a pretty large school with 1,350 students.

3. Class size:

Each class has 18-20 students which is good for a large school like this.  Some classes even have assistant teachers, which I love!

4. Technology:

The school website says that, “technology is an integral part of learning at ASL. On any given day, as many as 1,300 computers may be in use on campus.” They also have super fast internet which is SO helpful when your are trying to do anything online!

5. Retirement:

They have a great retirement package: teachers put in 5 percent and the school puts in 10!

6. Overall package:

The school has many benefits, however, like most European schools, it doesn’t offer housing. 😦 If you can afford to pay your own rent and utilities, the rest of their package still looks good! Some of the things they have listed on their website are: medical insurance, flights every two years, subsidized lunch, and use of the school fitness center. Two very unique benefits are “down-payment assistance” if you want to buy property and sabbatical leave after working there for 7 years!  I have looked at many schools and it is VERY rare when sabbatical leave is listed as a benefit. I have to take a half point off because even though a sabbatical would be really awesome, I prefer international schools to pay for housing.

I miss fully functional public transportation! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/doug88888/3293667566/in/photolist-8ToFQs-8QXWWX-8Hsusf-8DRhUB-8AoLSx-8z5SV8-8wXaFd-8uutqY-8sijBG-8kE7YN-8kcxj5-8h4rCt-8gwkhV-88YoU4-7tscNf-7oLqCo-6QJdyp-6ksEqe-6fBytu-623UBQ-61CfjL-5Viqex-5JgQxT-5J4Xze-5GJbU6-5B2anr-5jsyGy-5gV2QB-5gmCcX-4YijJj-4Y5Hx2-4GZt3Z-4rLYLf-4r8ZHm-3KyJpy-FZHk4-FQV5r-Bgev2-tAR1U-sXhRd-r71uA-r6U7P-qRgT3-aRJfs-2Gqav-cdvgh9-bLe2YZ-bJzsN8-br5HWL-5vNkF1

I miss fully functional public transportation! Photo cred 

7. City Profile:

Oh London! How amazing it would be to live in a city such as this! Full of culture and history and only a short flight away from other major European cities, who wouldn’t be happy to live here? Great public transportation and loads of stuff to do.

8. Salsa Dancing:

This site lists 7 nights of salsa dancing per week! They even have Cuban salsa in London!

9. Teachers:

The school website lists the school as having 170 faculty members, “representing 15 different nationalities, about 60 percent come from the United States and Canada and 40 percent represent at least ten other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, China, Pakistan and several European nations.”

10. Food:

In London there is a great diversity of food options.  You can find anything you like and go out every night of the week to a new restaurant.

Please comment! Have you been to London? Would you want to work there? Have you or someone you know worked at the American School in London? Can you add any info to what I’ve listed above? 


9 responses to “Wishful Wednesday: The American School in London

  1. My parents have lived in London the past three years and I LOVE it! It’s like NYC but cleaner and with soooo muck history. It would be awesome to teach there. It is pretty pricy to live there so hopefully the salary takes that into consideration. Hope things are getting better for you in Venezuela!


    • Most comments I’ve read about teaching at international schools in London is that if you travel at all you will most likely only be able to break even at the end of the year. They do have a great pension scheme though, so you might see some of that money when you retire.

      My friend got the phone number for this lady at the black market so he was able to “order” shampoo ahead of time. So when we got to the black market we actually had good shampoo waiting for us! I’m content.


  2. I like visiting London but I could never see myself living there! It’s just too big and crowded. But you’re right, it’s a great base for seeing more of Europe!


    • I see what you mean about it being such a big city. Normally I prefer medium sized cities, but when I’m finally ready to move on from Venezuela I will be ready for a big city. I miss having tons of options for stuff to do after school or on the weekends AND not being afraid to go by myself.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I get that, especially after what you’ve been through. And you’ll never be short of things to do in London! I don’t know how many times I’ve visited and I’ve still barely scratched the surface! I’ve heard it can be a very lonely place though.


  3. Dana, I have applied directly for my past four international school jobs, but my friends who are working at top tier schools (that I would like to work at next) have all gone through Search. It is a bit of a gamble, huh?


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