What Sells in Venezuela SOL#16

Slice of life

This faculty auction was very fun, but totally unexpected!  I will have you know that the hottest items were a German Chocolate Cake, Milk, Peanut butter, laundry soap, and feminine hygiene products (pads!). People can’t find these things easily here so while it seems a little strange for an auction, we made a lot of money for charity because everyone needs these type of items!

There were some other items like massages and trips to various country clubs, but it was still unlike any other school auction I’ve been too or even heard about! It was so much fun!

I’m not in much of a writing mood today so I will leave you with a couple of pictures of two tables of auction items (there were four tables total).

photo 1

I ended up buying the survival kit in the corner (anyone use a LifeStraw before?!) but the Harina Pan was VERY popular too!

photo 2

I took this pic after only 15 minutes, but toward the end of the auction the bids for the pads had nearly filled the page!


2 responses to “What Sells in Venezuela SOL#16

    • I don’t personally like pads, so when I relocated here a couple of years ago, I knew to bring a Diva Cup because finding Tampons was difficult. Not being able to find pads is a fairly new problem. Many people spend weekends searching out stores and little hole in the wall places to find tough to find items. People tend to stockpile items when they see them in the stores too.

      I regularly go to four different places (including an outdoor farmer’s market) to get all of my grocery shopping done on the weekend. Life here is fascinating!


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