What to Eat in Bratislava, Slovakia

Sunset in Bratislava photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/theodevil/6856283338/in/photolist-a7Vwcc-8RnQcp-6tbbY2-6tbqSF-hP7LTi-8UMt8z-nCxJQP-azFHWo-brSfaG-5Hieuc-6X9JaT-4GFNHN-7bV8Xu-5LL5Hu-dix6Kn-dh5UZM-bT45r6-9Kbrkn-8Kqdws-4GBD6x-6XyXDC-8Dkn5S-9wnTZj-8XPb3U-jiqt24-oHCjPG-9osCuv-7bV8if-oGsTFi-8FtrJ1-9f1ucR-975gAd-9954W6-ak4vYB-b2EFTZ-9XXmps-a7svrR-dmWZ2w-9XDrpu-9Xgs8f-7JijZ4-9Mroi1-bgG3UH-bv1TbW-btXMMp-btvrd2-9MbjTe-4GBDM8-9M9GHo-9MdAYi

Sunset in Bratislava photo cred 

I’m writing this series of posts because I love food, traveling, and learning about other cultures through food.  Slovakia is probably the country that I know the least about. I will only be there for just under 24 hours so I have a very limited amount of time.

Day One:

Lunch: Like Prague, Slovakia has goulash and dumplings as a popular dish.  Zeleny Rodrigez is said to have excellent goulash, it is ranked #3 on Tripadvisor, and it is supposed to be on the way to the castle!

Dinner: According to Wikitravel, the one dish that you cannot leave Slovakia without trying is: “Bryndzové halušky [which] is a Slovak national dish made out of potato dumplings and special kind of unpasteurized fermented sheep cheese called ‘bryndza’.”  The Slovak Pub looks like a good place to try this classic dish.

Snack: Wine is a snack right? There are quite a few calories in it after all! haha. I want to drink a glass of wine at the fancy UFO restaurant for fabulous views of the city lit up at night. I would also like to try some pirogis if they are available.

Day Two:

Breakfast: I will have to grab something quickly on the way to the train station or eat in the hostel. Ideas?

Has anyone been to Bratislava? It is not a country that I have read much about, so I would love tips for any restaurants and/or foods that you think I shouldn’t miss.


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