Back in Valencia, Venezuela

I took this pic on Cayo Sombrero last year and I think my school is bringing me back here on Friday!!!!

I took this pic on Cayo Sombrero last year and I think my school is bringing me back here on Friday!!!!

I feel so guilty for my lack of posts lately!

I just wanted to say that I’m back in Venezuela (for my FOURTH school year here) and I expect to post more soon.

Here is a quick little update:

Today was my first day back in the classroom after a nice, adventurous, summer break! Students don’t return until next Monday so I have this time to get to know (and train) my new teacher associate, set up my classroom, continue planning for the new year (I never really stop), and to organize all of my new supplies!

Today was kind of like Christmas for me.  I got to see some old friends who are as close to family as I can get in Venezuela.  I got to open new supplies that I ordered way back in November, which is very similar to opening presents at Christmas because I had forgotten many of the items that I had ordered. I even felt cold momentarily as I sat under the AC in a meeting held in our elementary library (I could easily pretend it was snowy outside since there are no windows in the room). lol

Despite my flights needing to be rebooked twice, a mechanical delay of 1+ hours on the runway, a huge 1.5 hour wait in Caracas immigration, and the 3 hour taxi ride back to Valencia, I made it here safely and I’m looking forward to the new school year!

Blog note:

I plan on taking some before and after (summer mess vs. ready for school) classroom photos either tomorrow or Wednesday.  Also, I am slowly working my way through my 2500+ Europe pics and I’m reading through my notes to start posting about my trip as soon as I can.


3 responses to “Back in Valencia, Venezuela

  1. I wondered where you had gone!!:) Good to see you back in the classroom, looking forward to reading more from you soon. I have managed to write schedule and post along my whole trip, I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my travel posts too? Love that beetle by the way in your life in photos section… nice!!! Ok I am off to explore Istanbul! xx

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