Charity Road Race at CIC Valencia

Last Saturday my school had one of my favorite school events ever: Charity Road Race!  For this event staff, students, parents, and other community members are invited to participate in a 5K race with all the proceeds going to charity.  The school regularly supports various local charities with the proceeds from this event.

My favorite part of the event is seeing all of the community members doing something healthy and worthwhile like this.  You don’t normally see families walking or running on the streets here, so for the school to get the local police to close down some of the streets around the school it is a really big deal!  Even babies were being pushed along in strollers at a quick pace.

It is very memorable for students because they see their families running alongside their teachers (I managed to jog part way!) and then they get a t-shirt to keep for years to come.  Also, the school created several categories for students to place in with different age groups.  Several teachers won medals too!

To top off such a great event, local teachers and associate teachers go to a beach about 40 minutes away called Patanemo.  We spend the day letting the waves pound away at our sore muscles and enjoy some fried fish to replenish the calories we lost.

Do you have a favorite work event?


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