Isla Larga, Venezuela

isla larga

I think Isla Larga is gorgeous!

One of my favorite things to do in Venezuela is explore new-to-me beaches.  Yesterday two of my local friends introduced me to a fabulous beach called Isla Larga (Long Island). It is only about 40 minutes from Valencia.  How did it take me so long to discover a beach that is so close and SO BEAUTIFUL?!

Isla Larga is an island that is only a ten-minute boat ride from the mainland.  It is located in a national park called San Esteban National Park.

boat to isla larga

This is the line for the boat to isla larga at about 9AM

To get to the dock where you can catch a boat to Isla Larga from Valencia, head toward Puerto Cabello, go past a shipyard, follow signs for “Base Naval” and then follow more signs for “Quizandal”.  Turn right onto a parking lot where you will see a lot of busses.  You will have to pay 100bs per person in the car to park in a gated lot.


I love the white sand and clear Caribbean waters

Some people enjoy the Quizandal beach, but many more wait for about 30-45 minutes to catch a boat out to the island.  The boat was only 250bs per person (they somehow manage to cram about 40 people onto each boat!) which is much cheaper than the 3000 per person that I paid to get out ot Cayo Sombrero last time I went a couple of months ago.

Another plus for this island is that it is much quieter than other beaches. There were only two yachts parked clear at the other end of the beach so I couldn’t hear their music.  Many people were with their families. The big draw is that there is a shipwreck that you can snorkel and scuba dive around and see a lot of cool fish.  I didn’t go this time because there were a ton of people, but I hope to arrive a bit earlier next time so I can get some pics without people crawling all over it.


I did explore the opposite side of the island which was completely empty.  Just some driftwood and piles of coral.


The boats are said to take people from 8-4.  I left right at 4 and the beach was basically empty.  I wouldn’t stay much longer if you want to avoid the coast guard.

Isla Larga just before sunset

The view from Isla Larga at about 4 pm


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