April Round Up


visiting playa Mero was deinitely a highlight this month

If you have been following the news in Venezuela you know that most of the country is experiencing the rainy season, but according to this article, we are in a drought and therefore need 4 hours without electricity every day. Yup, this hasn’t been very fun- especially at salsa practice when we are all dying for some AC or while I’m teaching in the afternoon and the hot and humid weather puts my students in a cranky mood.

Also, is anyone else having trouble accessing my blog or is that just a problem with my internet?

Around the Web:

Did you see this article about Tripadvisor’s top islands in the world? I’ve only been to one of them (Santorini). New goals!

Does anyone else like to think about how to become financially independent (so you don’t HAVE to work anymore)? Most of the time I think I can just continue teaching my way around the world because it is the best job ever, but sometimes I think “hmm, a little financial independence would be nice.  Here is a great article on how to do it.

Here is a list of 56 European cities ranked for their affordability and travel highlights. They have one for Asia too!

I’ve mostly traveled around Spanish speaking countries where I can get around easily with the Spanish skills I’ve learned over the years, but sometimes I think about moving to SE Asia, the Middle East, or Eastern Europe, where it might be a bit more difficult. One of these shirts would make travel there so much easier!

It is still hiring season, so I am sure some of you were very excited to see a new article from Andrew Hallam. Hallam is one of my favorite expat authors, who wrote Millionaire Teacher and Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing, and recently wrote an article about the best international schools with a saving’s rate of 40,000+ per year. Check it out!


As usual, I am looking for good Kindle Unlimited books. This month I have read seven books in the Modern Witch series by Deborah Grey. It is a really cute series that centers around a family of witches who have new and undiscovered powers.  At first, I was put off by the idea that there is something like “computer magic” because it is very unlike any other magical book I’ve read, but then I grew to appreciate the originality of the idea.  Also, they are well written with plenty of great adjectives to impress my 9 to 5 teacher-self.


This month Prince passed away. I’m not a huge Prince fan, but I loved this version of Kiss:

Girls train jam with Heidi Joubert:


I know I am a little late on this, but, “Room” is an awesome movie.  My friend and I were watching it one Friday night with our hearts just racing in our chests. We kept chanting, “it is only a movie, it is only a movie” to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t be freaking out so much.  If you haven’t seen this wonderful book-to-movie adaption about a young girl who was kidnapped and held prisoner for seven years, you should really find the time to see it.  I read the book a few years ago too, and it had me in tears for much of it, so a nice short movie was much easier to digest.


Do I even need to say it? The new season of Game of Thrones returned on April 24th!!! I really want the season 1-4 dvd boxed set (season five isn’t available yet in a set) to keep all the twisted storylines in mind, but for now, I will have to just read the wiki like the nerd that I am.  I’m so excited to see what will happen now that the series has run out of books to adapt. What will they do? Will Sansa grow a spine? Will Arya become even more of a badass? Will we see Bran do some cool nature magic? Dragons!!

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    • He is on some of the social media groups that I belong to and he always has really good advice. I asked him if he would visit any schools in South America but he is currently focused on the Middle East and Asia. You are so lucky! I read Millionaire Teacher a few years ago and I am currently working through his Expat book. I wish he would come here.


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