Yet Another Gorgeous Venezuelan Beach: Playa Mero

Playa Mero

This is a pic of the lovely waters of Playa Mero

As you may or may not know, on of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to visit the wonderful beaches of Venezuela.  Thankfully, Valencia is only about 40 minutes from some very nice beaches, and only about an hour from some fantastic beaches.

Yet another Venezuelan beach that I’ve visited recently is called Playa Mero.  It is one of the less visited cayos in Parque Nacional de Morrocoy.  It is on the Cayo that is right next to Playauela so it is not too far away.  It is about a 15-minute boat ride from the mainland and is only 3000bs per boat.

My friends and I heard about this island from a local. For some reason, none of my friends had been there before! None of us had even heard of it.  Low and behold, the island was on the list of cayos that boats regularly go to.  I had just never noticed.

One thing I loved is that there were very few people on the island.

Playa Mero

Playa Mero- people free

The sea floor was full of powdery sand so we were able to play frisbee in the water.

Frisbee at Playa Mero

Frisbee at Playa Mero- Look at that water! 


Not to mention the fabulous pina coladas and raw oysters… that I finished before I remembered to take a picture of.

The only downside is that they didn’t have fresh looking fish while I was there. There was fish available if you were hungry, but I would just check to make sure that they still look acceptable to you.  I think I have become a bit of a fried fish snob in the four years I’ve been going to the beaches here!

However, if you like ceviche, you are in luck! I had normal ceviche, octopus ceviche, shrimp ceviche, and my friends ate the ceviche that was mixed and covered with mayo.  I love how they serve it with avocado and crackers. I will try to take a picture next time.

In conclusion, if you don’t mind taking your chance on your lunch (or just bringing your own), enjoy fresh ceviche and oysters, or just feel like having a liquid lunch, Playa Mero is highly recommended!

Is there another Cayo that I need to visit? What is your favorite Venezuelan beach? 


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