Internet Problems in Venezuela

I know that there are technology problems in Venezuela, but when you don’t have internet access in OVER a WEEK, you know that there is a problem. I unplugged and restarted both the modem and router two or three times every day without any change. Then I restarted my computer numerous times without any change.

I went through 700bs of saldo on my cell phone in one WEEKEND because I didn’t have internet access.  I did read three books during this time which is always good, but I needed it fixed ASAP.

Finally, I gave in and asked the tech guys at my school to have mercy on me and take a look at it.  They finally took a look at it after a week and a half without internet.  What they found was shocking: someone had CUT my cord!



This is where all the wi-fi magic happens on my floor of the apartment building


You see, in my apartment building, everyone’s internet is routed through this one box that is held in the hallway of my building. Anyone has access to it because it isn’t locked.  I didn’t really think too much of this box because the doors are always closed, but after they told me what happened I had to see for myself.



Hard to see the all the dust in the poor lighting, but rest assured that these wires are covered in it! 


It is a mess of old dusty wires everywhere with little tags labeling each apartment’s internet cord (don’t really know what this cord is called- coaxle cable maybe?). I think it could use a serious spring cleaning, but I don’t think I should touch anything. hmm

Basically, my school’s tech guys and I think 1 of 4 things could have happened to my internet cord: 1) someone in my building hates me; 2) someone was trying to steal my internet; 3) the company cut it on purpose because the school paid really late; 4) the company cut it on accident because they were trying to cut off someone else.

I’ve asked the school liaison to talk with the internet company for me to see if she can find anything out. For now, it looks like my cord is held together with tin foil….

wifi cords

Notice the shiny stuff in the center? Pretty sure that is tinfoil holding my cord together!

I would really like to know what happened… and I hope that someone isn’t targeting me because I am an expat.  I’m a kinda worried about what they find!

Comment below: Have you ever had anyone cut your wi-fi service without warning or provocation? 


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