July Roundup

I loved enjoying the summer weather in Montreal and Oregon this month!

I loved enjoying the summer weather in Montreal and Oregon this month!

Wow! Summer sure does go by fast! It seems like I just got back from Montreal and then it was the 4th of July and then I ended up in Vegas celebrating my mother’s 50th birthday.  I guess it does go by quickly when you are also taking a professional development course on top of normal summer stuff.

Around the Web:

My aunt was asking me for help with her resume which got me thinking about my own. I came across this article in my reader: What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2016. They have a nice template to use as well. Does anyone have any international teacher specific resume resources to share?

Friends of mine keep sharing news about the current situation Venezuela that I will be returning to in a couple of weeks and I am not hopeful that change will be coming anytime soon.

I have been hanging out with two of my favorite friends Mike and Caris lately and even though they are the same age as me, they plan on retiring within a couple of years. How cool is that?! If you are interested you could read more about some steps you can take to retiring early.

I try not to get too political on here because my passions are teaching, traveling, and salsa dancing, but something has to be said about the current situation in the US. In case you have friends that try to tell you that Trump is just as evil as many politicians have them read this Reddit of all the horrifying things he’s done since deciding to run for President.  I hope my fellow Bernie supporters move to Hillary’s side and think about the double standard that she is fighting against.

This was written about BC Public schools, but I find it to be true of every one of the elementary schools that my friends work at in the US. Most teachers slowly accumulate resources over many years and bring them to whatever classroom they are teaching in.

One of my favorite blogs is called Legal Nomads because Jodi has been traveling for years. Using her experience and some research, she wrote a post about how to make jet lag less painful when you travel.


I’ve been reading mostly articles about the IB PYP for my professional development course this month, but I’ve managed to read a few books anyway.  I’ve slacked off on reading my Kindle Unlimited Books because I found out that you can check out ebooks from my public library for free! How cool is that?!

I did find time to read one of Patricia Brigg’s newest books called Fire Touched. I am a big fan of this series partly because it takes place in the Pacific North West where I’m from and because it is Urban Fantasy done well.  I like the fairies that aren’t nice little Tinkerbell characters, the werewolves that are not mindless idiots, and a strong female lead who happens to be a coyote shapeshifter.  If you haven’t read the series yet, I strongly suggest starting at the beginning with Moon Called.


I know this song is everywhere in the US, but I have to give props to the lovely Ruth B singing “Lost Boy”which I didn’t get to hear until I came home this summer. She has a beautiful voice and amazingly grew her brand on Vine (which I’ve never used but is still pretty awesome for her).


I’ve been pretty busy with family, friends, travel, and my class so I haven’t watched much TV this summer. Usually, I catch a couple shows a week on HGTV (Tiny House Hunters!) because even though I am a globe hopper I hope to find a little place near some warm water one day to buy for myself.  I want to look into buying a house/condo overseas while teaching internationally, any ideas of where to start? 


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