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Europe Map

I don’t have quite this many pins in my own Europe map but it is still a work in progress! Photo cred 

I’ve begun the process of signing on with the school in Bahrain.  That means I filled out a binding letter of agreement (with salary and benefits noted) signed by both myself and the direct, a letter of acknowledgement that I’ve read about Bahrain, and filled out a form for a background check.  I still have to pass the background check and a very intensive physical exam before I sign an actual contract.  I’ve forgotten (or maybe I’ve never experienced) such a drawn out process before I’ve even signed an actual contract for an overseas school.

With Bahrain on my brain, I decided to imagine what my life would be like there.  This means that I’ve started researching what I should bring (I’ve not yet found a packing list).  I’ve even started a list of places I want to see and restaurants I want to eat in Bahrain.  Last night I took it a step further.

Last night I used the “Everywhere” feature on Skyscanner.net. I imagined that I was already living in Bahrain and I tried to imagine where I would go to celebrate my 33rd birthday at the end of May.  I told myself that I could go anywhere in the Eastern hemisphere (or somewhere with a direct flight) and that I needed to spend less than $400 on my flights.

I was shocked at the results!

I found 37 places with affordable flights (less than $400 USD) from Bahrain!

Frankfurt, Germany- $271

Cairo- $208

Copenhagen- $320

Albania- $347

Bangladesh- $350

Vienna- $325

Bosnia- $317

Prague- $372

Ethiopia- $375

Athens- $315

Budapest- $317

Chennai, India- $261

New Delhi, India- $224

Jakarta- $338

Tel Aviv, Israel- $270

Amman, Jordan- $201

Almaty, Kazakhstan- $299

Kuwait- $105

Beirut, Lebanon- $251

Kuala Lumpur- $332

Katmandu, Nepal- $252

Amsterdam- $325

Muscat, Oman- $125

Karachi, Pakistan- $255

Manila, Philippines- $382

Doha- $116

Skopje, Macedonia- $316

Bucharest, Romania- $318

Moscow, Russia- $319

Madrid, Spain- $326

Colombo, Sri Lanka- $226

Stockholm, Sweden- $321

Khartoum, Sudan- $298

Bangkok, Thailand- $355

Istanbul, Turkey- $214

Dubai, UAE- $100

London, UK- $347

A few of these places I’ve been to already (Prague, Athens, Budapest, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Istanbul), but I would happily go to all of them again.  Of course, I love going to new places too! Where would you recommend?

Please comment below: have you been to any of these places listed? Do you know of another place that would be an easy flight from Bahrain that I shouldn’t miss? Where would you go?


6 responses to “Where Would You Go

  1. Wow! This list is like a jackpot for travel opportunities! So many places to enjoy with so little vacation time. I enjoyed Sri Lanka but a week is not enough. Give yourself two weeks to really explore the island. I barely touched it.
    Looks like you’ll be able to hammer out quite a few amazing places in the ME.
    I’m headed to JeJu, needing clean air but to still be in Asia as I’m not done exploring that part of the world.


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