Math Autobiography

Blogging with my students

I was inspired by aggiekesler to make a math autobiography.  I really liked how she didn’t just use the numbers 1-10, but instead chose ten numbers that were significant to her.  I’m totally borrowing this idea today!

1- The only pet I’ve ever had as an adult is one cat named Tormenta (the Spanish word for storm because she liked to growl and run around a room). I had to give her to one of my second graders at the end of the school year in China. I hope to be getting a Golden Retriever when I get to Bahrain!

2- I have two younger brothers, Josh and Geremy.  We all have very different personalities, but it is still fun to get together with them every summer.

3- I teach 3rd grade in Valencia, Venezuela.

4- I’ve taught at four schools around the world (one in Mexico, one in China, and two schools in Venezuela).

5- I’ve been teaching and living in Venezuela for five years and it is crazy to think that I will be leaving soon!

14- The number of years that I’ve been dancing salsa (and other Latin dances like Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, cumbia, merengue, and now Kizomba).

16- The number of students that I currently have in my classroom.

32- I’ve visited 32 countries so far (but I will be adding Brazil and Chile to the list within a couple of weeks)


4,030- The number of miles from my hometown of Portland, Oregon to Valencia, Venezuela.



4 responses to “Math Autobiography

  1. Whaaaat? You only have 16 kiddos now? And Chica – as much as I love my dog, he is still an animal. They make it very hard to travel! And that would be difficult for you! And they are not cheap. Not to discourage the idea, but think about a couple things: vaccines and international health certificates. $$ Then, they need translated. And sometimes countries won’t even recognize them so they will need “booster” vaccines just so that you try can say they know the dog has his shots. $$ Also, Golden retrievers are not lazy dogs. They need walked 2x a day and lots of room to roam/play. Paying for a dog-sitter when heading to the beach/city for just a night out: $$ That breed would need to travel in cargo – under the plane, with loud turbines/etc. Once (only once) Pepi had to travel under from Korea to San Fran. He has never been the same dog. They are so intuitive; now, every time he sees a luggage, he starts pacing and won’t leave our sides. Each leg on a flight may cost between $150-$600. It’s a more serious commitment than some people realize! 🙂

    Oddly, a kid is much easier in that sense. Not in the sleep department tho. Lol

    So now I’ve given you a new topic for an upcoming blog/convo topic on International Teacher’s fb page.

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    • Haha thanks Christi! I plan on staying in Bahrain for the next five years or so and domestic help is still supposed to be affordable there (though not like Venezuela of course). Almost all the other teachers there have dogs so I will get tips from them. I’m looking forward to lots of doggie walks and since my work is only five minute walk from school I will be able to pop home at lunch for another walk. I miss having a dog and I think I am ready for it!


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