I’m in Rio!

Yesterday I arrived in Rio for my AASSA teaching conference! My coworker and I left Venezuela on Monday afternoon, spent a couple of hours at the Panama airport, and then caught the red-eye to Rio.  We arrived in Rio at 6:30AM and by 7 our private tour guide met us at the airport to take us directly from the airport to see some of the sights.

I’m exhausted now after a full day of touring (our only day that we wont be busy at the conference until 4 or so) so I don’t have the energy to write more. Maybe tomorrow I will have some down time.

Sugar Loaf

It was cloudy and rainy for most of the day in Rio, but the skies cleared enough for us to glimpse the Christ statue from a distance while we were at Sugar Loaf Mountain


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    • I’m hoping to explore a bit more each day. It is hard since we won’t get done at the conference until around 4-5 each day. Suggestions of things to do in the evenings that aren’t too late since we have to catch a bus at 7?

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