April Round Up


During my first morning exploring Santiago, I came across this bridge full of locks

It has been hard to post for the past couple of weeks due to the protests here.  So far, we have only had two days of school officially canceled (local schools have had additional school closure days), but there have been several days when 5-10 kids are missing from class because their parents didn’t think it was safe for them to drive to school.

Also due to the protests, or so I’ve been told, the local government is punishing our nice “expat neighborhood” with almost daily blackouts in the evening.  This reminds me of last year when every Friday in May we had school canceled due to blackouts that the government said was related to a water shortage.  It has been raining a lot this year so I think that is definitely not the reason this time!

Coming soon: I am still working on my Chile posts!

Around the Web:

Do you ever dream of working poolside or in a cafe in some exotic country on the opposite side of the world? You could make that dream come true if you were a digital nomad! This company even has a co-living situation so you can share a workspace with other digital nomads in places like Bali or Chiang Mai.

As an international teacher, I work with third culture kids a lot. Something I never thought of is “rootfullness” or having strong roots in many places.

I’m so thankful to have paid off my $70k student loan debt in February because I just read that many people who thought that their student loans could be forgiven are finding out that they were not actually eligible to be in that program.

It seems like the ban on electronic devices on airplanes might be expanding.  Noooo! How will I entertain myself on a cross-Atlantic flight?!


The Arrival is a movie that I saw on the plane on one of my latest trips.  Some of my friends complained that it was slow, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good. It just has many layers that it has to lay down before the big reveal. I don’t usually go for sci-fi movies as a first choice, but I’m glad that I made an exception. I was surprised by the many twists and I think the movie would be even better after a second watch.


Uprooted by Naomi Novik is the best fantasy novel that I’ve read this school year!  I like that it has a strong female lead character. I like that there is a touch of romance, but not too much (a sex scene makes this a bit inappropriate for younger audiences though). It is rooted in Eastern European folklore and it makes this story very accessible. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve given a fantasy book a five star rating in a very long time. Highly recommended!


I’m looking forward to seeing the ABC remake of my favorite movie, Dirty Dancing, because I love many dance shows- but I am kinda apprehensive about it.  I will hold my opinion until I have a chance to watch it.

This month has been so busy, that the only shows I’ve actually had time to watch are Survivor and The Amazing Race.  I would love for them to do an episode in Venezuela!

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5 responses to “April Round Up

  1. Hello, Amanda. I don’t know if you remember me. Krissy or Kristina Hines from CIC (Caracas). I have just started a blog about International Teaching and how to get started and I was really going to start personal travel posts/ teaching posts in Mongolia. I am so happy I found yours and from experience, everything said about Venezuela is accurate. Maybe in the near future, I would highly enjoy writing a piece about Mongolia for your blog and would highly enjoy a piece you have written. I found through my crazy half day schedule and Virtual School day madness that blogging and writing gave me something to do so I would not go insane and I love doing it. So I guess win-win. Stay safe out there!

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    • I would love to interview you about teaching in Mongolia! There is a music teacher at my school moving to a school there too. Write now I’m slacking in the blogging department with all of the end of the year craziness, but I might be able to write something this summer. I can’t wait to read your posts about Mongolia!


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