Update and A Day Trip to Astoria



Baby’s first time at the beach was during a visit to the Peter Iredale shipwreck just outside of Astoria, Oregon

Sooo, blogging with an infant is really challenging! haha! Sorry for the long absences.  I’m hoping that when I start working at the end of the month the set schedule will encourage me to blog more regularly.

I’ve been spending the past few months having picnics with friends, taking walks in the park, visiting family, and packing a little bit every day.

If the schedule doesn’t do it then the full-time nanny (who I hope to have arranged by the time I get to Indonesia) should definitely help too! I had previously arranged with my school to have a nanny to take care of my baby, but despite several wonderful references, she ended up backing out a month before she was supposed to start because she is getting married and moving to India.  Oh well, the consulate forwarded me a few recommendations for nannies so my school is trying to get one of them hired for me ASAP.

I need help as soon as possible because we are leaving Portland for Indonesia on Friday at 5AM. I didn’t plan that very well. Fingers crossed that our 11 bags, 3 carryons (mom, myself, and baby), stroller, pack ‘n play, and carseat all make it to Surabaya safely!  We will be traveling for 38 hours (with a 10-hour layover in Singapore where my school is thankfully paying for us to stay at the Crown Plaza INSIDE of the airport) so wish us luck on baby’s first flight(s)!

I’m posting some pics from my day trip to Astoria from a couple of weeks ago because it is a fun place to visit in Oregon. It is on the coast, there is a shipwreck nearby, it is within a 2-hour drive of Portland, and the classic kids’ movie “The Goonies” was filmed there.  You can also walk around in a fort, ride the trolley, and climb the Astoria Column (I left my baby with his grandpa while I did that).

Astoria Column

I climbed the 164 steps to the top of the Astoria Column with my mother


From the top of the column, you can see the Astoria–Megler Bridge which is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America

IMG_5685 (1)

The Astoria trolley is fun to see even if I didn’t ride on it

IMG_5732 (1)

At Fort Stevens, you can climb around the old military base


My favorite thing to do around Astoria is visiting the Peter Iredale shipwreck



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