Still Missing…MH370

It is just incredible that something like this could happen with all of the technological resources our world has to offer! Where is the plane?!! Peaceful thoughts going that way….

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More than 36 hours has passed since Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 has been reported missing. As Malaysians we are deeply saddened with the tragedy at hand.

Everyone is anxious to know the where,what,when,why and the hows. The official updates from our local news is that the whereabouts of the plane or crash site remain unknown.

Out of the 38 Malaysians in the flight, we get to know that a friend of ours have a relative on board and our thoughts and prayers goes out to them.

Latest updates shows that among the 239 passengers, they are 2 passengers traveling with a false passport… and this thickens the plot. FBI joins the investigation by sending their agents and technical experts to Malaysia to rule out the possibility of terrorism.

According to the Malaysian Armed Forces , the search mission area has been widened even to the Straits of Malacca with the…

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