Wishful Wednesday: The American School Foundation of Monterrey

What a gorgeous view of Monterrey! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/ww4f/2056152329/in/photolist-48Gjse-7EweF-5WveJi-5A9W11-5A5DvF-7ExUC-5yKxgh-4vHunP-7EweD-7EweG-7ExUz-5A9UWA-5A5Dv4-LyNV-2wsGz-2V5uL-2V5wi-26AmU-2J9w9-edC9pk-5A5BAT-5A9TGf-5A9V1b-4yULum-4yQu2B-5A5BkT-5A5Cta-dabiTj-5A9VYL-5A5Bxr-4yQurR-5A5Bk2-5A5DAr-5A5Bet-5A5Cp4-5A5Cyp-5A5DyH-5A9TTh-5A9TNC-5A5Cxk-5A5Bpv-4yUKVj-5A5ByR-5A5Cvz-5A5Bvt-4yQv2t-5A5CwF-5A9TKs-4yULVw-4yUM7J

What a gorgeous view of Monterrey! Photo cred 

I taught at one of the other ASF schools in Mexico and I was offered a job at a couple of the other beachy ones, but until now I’ve never really looked into ASFM.  If I didn’t have massive student loans I would probably be at one of those places still, because I love Mexico! However while I was still in Mexico, the news I heard from parents who had just left Monterrey convinced me to not even look at it as an option.

Now I have a friend in Monterrey and she has convinced me otherwise! ASF Monterrey sounds like a great place!

I give this school a  9/10! 

1. What type of school is it?

Non-profit, US accredited, offering US and Mexican high school diplomas

2. Student population:

I’ve read in various online forums that the student population is about 95% Mexican.  According to this page on the school website there are 2364 students from 17 different countries.

3. Class size:

I’ve read that the average class size is 22 students in the elementary school.

4. Technology:

This post makes the tech at ASFM sound outstanding, “The ELEM building has 5 iPads per classroom for grades Nursery through Grade 1 and 36 classrooms from grades 2-6 share access to 6 iPad carts, 15 laptop carts and 5 computer labs.” Many classrooms also have Smartboards!

5. Retirement:

Not mentioned on the school website. However, I’ve heard that the school pays into the Mexican retirement program.  According to a job posting I link to in the next paragraph, they are said to have a matched retirement savings program up to 13.5%.

6. Overall package:

This school is so well known in the international teaching scene that they must feel like they don’t need to list any benefits on their website.  On the forums and blogs I’ve read, I’ve seen ASFM frequently listed as having one of (if not the) top package in Mexico. I once read in a forum that the average teacher at this school makes $40-65k which is fantastic for Mexico!  According to this job posting some benefits include, “one round trip ticket home each year, tuition for up to two dependents, competitive international salary including matching up to 13.5% for retirement in addition to furnished housing and a food stipend.”  The one downside is that the school housing is mostly shared unless you want to pay the difference (I think I would pay to get my own place at my age).  Teachers are said to be able to save about 25-35% of their salaries. Many sources commend ASFM’s in-house professional development.

Los Cerros de Monterrey Photo cred

7. City Profile:

Monterrey is an outdoorsy city just south of the Texas border.  If you look at any pictures or videos of the school you always see Sierra Madre mountains in the background. My friend says that she and other teachers go hiking on most weekends.  I’ve heard that the rock climbing is fantastic there too! It sounds like a place where you can find all of the comforts of the US and if you can’t find them in Monterrey itself, then it is only a 3 hour drive to Texas where you can shop to your heart’s content. Check out this awesome website to see the many activities available in this city.

8. Salsa Dancing:

While there are a couple of salsa schools, I cannot find regular weekly salsa events online. Until someone in Monterrey tells me otherwise, I am subtracting a point for a poor salsa scene.

9. Teachers:

It sounds like this staff has a good mix of local and international staff. The school website says that, “Approximately 60% of teachers are Mexican nationals, and 40% are international, mostly from the USA and Canada.”

10. Food:

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? I lived for a year in Mexico and I never got tired of Mexican food! Tamales, burritos, flautas, tostadas, frijoles, chiles rellenos, OMG I can just go on forever but I am making myself hungry! Not to mention margaritas, tequila, and mezcal.

Please comment! Have you been to Monterrey? Would you want to work there? Have you or someone you know worked at the American School Foundation of Monterrey? Can you add any info to what I’ve listed above? 


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