Updated Summer in Europe Packing List

Osprey Porter 46- My constant companion as I backpack across Europe

Osprey Porter 46- My constant companion as I backpacked across Europe

I already posted last summer about packing a year in advance for Europe because I wasn’t sure if I would be leaving from Portland or leaving from Venezuela (where it is hard to find MANY things let alone stuff geared for travelers). So last summer, while I was at home in Portland, I bought stuff to take with me to Europe, and while it all fit in my fabulous travel backpack, it was still too heavy to carry comfortably for a long time.

Thankfully it turns out that this summer I had about 24 hours in the US (my school booked me on a flight that will take me more than 24 hours to return home…but it was free) so I can readjust my packing strategy for the 27 days I will be backpacking around Europe. My goal is to pack as lightweight as I can manage.

The Bag

Carry-on: Osprey 48L Porter

Personal Item: Instead of my normal Timbuk2 D-Lux messenger bag, I am brought The SAK convertible crossbody purse. It is easily packable, will fit my Kindle Paperwhite, and two pancake lenses (I’ll keep the DSLR in my backpack since it is also coming on the plane). This bag will also be more appropriate to use in all of the museums I plan on going to.

Daypack (& for souvenirs if necessary): I got a packable daypack which will help on those days when I plan on being more physical and don’t want my crossbody purse getting in the way. This can also be used to haul back any souvenirs if I decide to check my real backpack on the way back home (Belgian chocolate, French macrons, and scarves from Istanbul are on my list- other ideas?).


For Walking: I bought these Skechers Mary Janes which are a little sportier than I like, but they should be comfortable for all the walking I will be doing.

Slightly dressy/dance: I got some sandals similar to these Born Sandals so I can walk all day in them and I don’t feel weird wearing them out to dance.

Shower/Beach: I bought some super cheap Old Navy flip flops for about $2. I wont even be able to think about the beach until I get to Greece and then I might only get to spend about one day on the beach, however, I will need these for the hostel showers. They are very lightweight too.

*Note: I live in a tropical environment so I am used to wearing dresses and skirts to work to cool off. I almost never wear shorts, so if you normally wear shorts, I would switch out a skirt for shorts. If it weren’t summer, I would switch out one pair of capris for skinny jeans.


1 Maxi dress- Great for a dressier look

2 colorful dress- perfect for all day sight seeing


1 pair of jeans

1 black skirt

1 lightweight jean capri


*Note- Get dri-fit or merino wool shirts if you can because they will dry faster and smell less than other shirts

1 black v-neck

1 dressy shirt

1 green tank

1 blue cami

1 pink tank


1 black bra

1 nude bra (wear one bra on the plane)

5 lacy thongs (they are easy to hand wash and air dry quickly)

Bikini- listed here because if you choose the right bikini it can double for bra and panties in a pinch

PJs- (shorts and one of the tanks listed above)


Kindle Paperwhite

Iphone 4s with charger and headphones

Canon T4i with charger & extra battery- My DSLR which will be kept in a neoprene sleeve to save space (rather than the camera insert I normally use with my messenger bag)

2 pancake lenses

4 SD cards, which will be kept in separate places in case one gets lost

1 usb drive with copies of travel plans and scans of cards

Belkin Travel strip


BB Cream- I love this stuff because it combines moisturizer, SPF, and light coverup all in one!

Waterproof Mascara

Leftover Black Eyeliner- in other words the last two inches of a normal eyeliner

Depotted Makeup & Mirror

Half a bar of soap- also doubles for washing clothes

half of Neutragena face wash bar

Shampoo & conditioner- I will probably pick up some more in France since I wont be flying again until I reach Budapest. Conditioner works great as shaving cream too!

Stick of sunblock

1 razor


Travel toothbrush

Diva Cup

Some q-tips

Basic First Aid Kit



Chewable Pepto

Emergen-C Vitamin pack


Ear plugs!!- These are one item that I never travel without!

Flexible Water Bottle

Medium size travel towel

Sarong- good for staying warm on planes, trains, adding privacy (and blocking out light on a bunk bed), and for using as a beach towel/cover-up

Homemade Travel Journal

Colorful Pens

Tape for sticking my ticket stubs into the journal

Packing cubes to keep everything organized

Universal Adaptor

2 luggage locks (one as a spare in case one is lost or if there is a separate space for charging phones or holding valuables)

Is there anything you do to save space when traveling carry on only for an extended trip? Every time I travel I feel like I am constantly learning and slightly altering my packing list to make it more efficient! 


9 responses to “Updated Summer in Europe Packing List

  1. Pack some antibacterial wipes! I never backpacked with them.. now that I’m traveling with a toddler I can’t believe I didn’t bring them with us while adventuring around Europe (and any city for that matter…. some public restrooms are pretty terrifying).

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  2. I love your backpack. I am surprised you are bringing jeans. I find them too heavy and hard to wash on the road, but then again, I’m not a blue jeans girl 😉

    Kindle!!!! ❤


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