I Love My Backpack! SOL#27

Osprey Porter 46

My Osprey Porter 46

I’ve had my backpack for about ten months now. I first used it to go on a family vacation to Lake Tahoe (a gorgeous place that I meant to write about), then to bring my stuff back to Venezuela as my carry-on, again in December for a 3 week backpacking trip around Peru and Bolivia, on short overnight stays here and there, and now for my Spring Break trip to Colombia.  It gets around!

I will also be using it to backpack this summer around Europe!

I thought I might write an “Ode to my Backpack”, but I simply don’t have the mental power to do so at the moment! I’m very ready for Spring Break! Instead I will write a little list of my favorite things about my backpack.

My top 5 favorite things about my backpack:

Size: It fits my back perfectly and it is smaller than my Rick Steve’s bag I was using last year.  This is good because it forces me to pack light. While I never had problems carrying on my Rick Steve’s bag, I was constantly stuffing it with so much stuff that it was weighing me down.  Now I am learning how to pack even lighter than before!

Straps: it has lovely thick padded straps that never dig into my shoulders and can easily tuck away in case I want to check it (like I did coming back from Peru so I could bring lots of shampoo and conditioner with me!).

Unzips all the way: It is really easy to see into. I’ve had a backpack before that opened only from the top and my bag was like a cave. Now I can unzip it all the way so the top can lay almost flat.

Sturdy Material: Not sure what the material is but it seems to repel water, be scratch and stain resistant, and pretty badass with the red color scheme.

Pockets: It has a top pocket on the outside so you can keep a few things handy (ear plugs, chapstick, earrings, and a couple pens live here). On the inside is a mesh pocket which I like to use for underclothes. My favorite pocket is a hidden one built int the side of my bag on the inside which is a great spot for stashing extra money and your passport.

If you are looking for a backpack I highly recommend the Osprey Porter 46. The exact one that I ordered is “currently unavailable” on Amazon so you might need to look around a bit.

Bonus: when I was reading the description after clicking the link in my Amazon order history I realized the backpack has an emergency whistle built into the sternum strap buckle! I didn’t even realize it!

Note: I also use my Timbuk2 D-Lux as my “personal item” to haul my DSLR, iPad, iPhone, and snacks on the plane.  It is also great for all of the above PLUS my Macbook Pro (though it was heavy for me).

What backpack/luggage do you normally travel with? What do you look for in a travel bag?

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14 responses to “I Love My Backpack! SOL#27

  1. I’m usually more of a roller bag girl, but I’m getting into backpacking a little more lately. I’ve been borrowing my friend’s bag, which is one from Decathlon. It also unzips all the way.


    • Sometimes I think about getting a spinner, but I’m always concerned that it will weigh more than my backpack does. Just this week my friend informed me that there are ultra-light spinner bags that I might check out.

      It is soooo helpful when the bag unzips all the way!

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  2. I’ve lived most of my time in Latin America and I’ve just found that traveling with a backpack is easier and it is less likely that stuff will be stolen from my bag! I’ve had so many friends who have had stuff stolen from their luggage in Venezuela whenever they check it on the plane!


  3. I use a rollon. I always check my bag because i’m afraid I’ll need someone to help me get it into the overhead compartment. I should really get over that. I like the idea of traveling light. I may rethink my travel means.


    • Maybe it is just the places I travel, but if I ever need help getting my bag into the overhead bins someone is always willing to help. If there isn’t a passanger nearby willing to help, then there always seems to be a flight attendant willing to lend a hand. You can do it!


  4. I should really think about this backpack when I will travel to Europe this summer. It looks so much easier AND it would force me to pack lightly!! Thanks for the great links!


    • It was so nice to travel with this backpack in Colombia. Even at the end of my trip when I had my bag stuffed with coffee, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant that I bought to bring back to Venezuela, it was still comfortable to carry!


  5. Amanda, I’m currently reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. She describes her backpack but it was way too big and too heavy for her. She does pack the world’s loudest whistle as she is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail alone. Thought of you. D 🙂


    • I watched the movie and plan on reading the book sometime soon. While watching I thought to myself, “she is crazy for even trying to pick up that backpack, let alone carry it across the wild!”


  6. This is so helpful! I definitely need to start thinking of practical luggage to bring with. I’ll be looking for this bag online.


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