Top Posts of 2015

While I am still trying to figure out how to free up enough space on my hard drive to use Photos, I thought I would put together this year in review post.

The top (new) posts posts of 2015 were:

La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia photo cred

The Bolivian Border Crossing from Puno to La Paz

Perhaps because it was the first, and only time I’ve crossed a border via bus, I was terribly confused and disoriented by the border crossing from Peru to Bolivia. In this posted I detailed all of the steps necessary to cross the border.

Packing for Venezuela 2015…and $755 Condoms

Every year I like to make myself a packing list of stuff that I want to bring back from my summer break in the States. I’m not sure if I will write one this year because I have been here for so long that this list already covers everything I need.  It is still very accurate in regards to the stuff that you can and cannot find easily in Venezuela.

Wishful Wednesday: Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools

I wrote this after someone commented on here that I should look at teaching at the Aramco schools since I am accustomed to a more difficult living situation.  It is a pretty sweet deal if you don’t mind the restrictions.

Lessons Learned After Living 5 Years as an Expat

It is so crazy to think that I am currently teaching for my sixth year overseas. It seems like just yesterday that I was starting in Mexico. I have no desire to ever leave the international teaching profession!

I Love My Backpack SOL#27

I still love this backpack and I just used it again for my three week trip around Ecuador.  In this post I wrote about all of the reasons you should check out the Osprey Porter 46L if you want to travel carry-on only.

family in venezuela

Christi and her family

Being a Married Teaching Couple with a Child in Venezuela

My best friend in Venezuela, Christi, became a mom over a year ago and I thought it would be a good idea to give insight to those people who are considering Venezuela as an option for their families. She shared the ups and downs of having a baby and raising them in this tumultuous country. I wonder if she would like to add any new comments?


A marine iguana found only in the Galapagos photo cred 

Backpacking the Galapagos: Is it Possible?

I wrote this while I was looking for an affordable way to visit the Galapagos. Then I talked to many people who had gone and they said to just go for the cruise instead.  Since it is most likely a once in a lifetime trip for me (though I want to go back to do the NW islands) I wanted to do a cruise instead. However, I learned that doing a land based tour is entirely possible. In fact, if you are more flexible with your time and you can go during the off season you could do a two week trip for $1000.

Why I Stay in Venezuela SOL#8

Many people ask me why I keep coming back to Venezuela (I’m returning for a fifth year, in fact!).  I wrote this post in reply to the frequent questions from family and friends.


I took this pic outside of Loki hostel… at the top of a very steep hill!

Cusco, Peru

Many people love Cusco. I happened to like Lima more due to the food, nightlife, weather, and lack of altitude sickness.

Wishful Wednesday: Saigon South International School

At the beginning of this post I wrote about how friends, bloggers, and coworkers seem to keep talking about Vietnam so much so that I think I will end up there soon just by default.  I know two people who went there during the December break!  SSIS is at the top of my list of schools that I would want to teach at in HCMC/Saigon.

There is a pretty big variety of posts that were popular here. I would love to hear any questions or topic ideas that you would like to me address on the blog in the months to come.

Please comment below with your suggestions:


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