21 Travel Hacks and Last Night in Europe

I don't have quite this many pins in my own Europe map but it is still a work in progress! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/glasgowamateur/7892308660/in/photolist-823GMy-nPmPVH-d2q9pf-aB5DMP-nkRhpu-ngnvKW-qJemBv-qfSmar-rergfx-ndyPGw-pPB591-bsZX4W-jUhN4R-5SGX6g-dMkqU8-7jJpgr-9WRTdS-bdNwVT-7o5Y5M-7kAUr8-bfEaw2-biScG4-ieBVJd-dB4Z2j-cLBgLm-a1YhBY-5YNTrB-7ojPAL-63KAeP-625ksJ-7v9Ceh-7q5Sua-8U6XAz-5ZxNBo-5bBnrS-9rSjPD-hKYBsZ-QZP9F-5VxHWF-55QN5S-6FhmLB-5KgTC6-5ksAiX-8torX9-bmtjYS-7cojjJ-6GEjwF-opApSg-jWrfb-54kbk6

I don’t have quite this many pins in my own Europe map but it is still a work in progress! Photo cred 

I am wrapping up my month of backpacking around Europe. Tonight is my last night in Paris and my last night in Europe for the foreseeable future.  

I have learned a lot about myself, backpacking, and Europe over the past month, but I’m still processing it all.  I will be writing about each place I visited and sharing my tips about Europe in the coming weeks, but until then I wanted to share this great link with 21 Travel Hacks.

This Huffington Post article has tips about packing (I really like the idea of keeping jewelry in a pill case), airport tips, and destination hacks (who would have thought about using a TV to charge your iphone?).

Share below! Do you have any Travel Hacks?


2 responses to “21 Travel Hacks and Last Night in Europe

  1. Hi!

    I was wondering if I could ask you a question. I am moving to Venezuela and was wondering about the phone plan you have. Are you still able to communicate with people in the states or do you just have a Venezuelan plan and number?


    • Hi Vicki! Where will you be moving? You must be so excited to begin this new adventure!

      I have an unlocked iphone 4s (you don’t really want anything too new that could make you more of a target) and a Venezuelan cell plan that is about five dollars a month. It gives me seemingly unlimited everything for a really cheap cost! I can still send imessages for free, use Whatsapp (very popular with the locals here too), and I just use the Skype app to make calls home on my phone. Other than only having 3G on my phone, and it thus being pretty slow, my cell phone situation is another thing I love about Venezuela!

      Good luck with your move!


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