Millionaire Teacher: First steps to wealth building

This is a great overview of my favorite personal finance book for international teachers…in fact, I think it is the only book I have ever heard of covering the subject! If you haven’t read Millionaire Teacher, and you are a teacher in the states or an international teacher like myself, I suggest checking it out. Until then, enjoy this thorough overview of the book!

kaizen investor

merlionpark Is there a way for the average man or woman on the street to beat the vast majority of stock market participants? If you get it right, the payoffs can be huge. The journey make take a little time (anything worthwhile always does) and it takes discipline and focus. But there is hope.

Many market participants are seduced by the “quick buck” – it’s human nature after all. But going for small, steady gains can lead to outsized results, and perhaps more importantly avoid outsized losses.

As an investor, I’m largely self-taught. I’ve read a good number of books and tried several approaches. My investor education (through real world investing) has cost the equivalent of a post-graduate degree. Hopefully this means the lessons are better learned.

After several years of exploration, I settled on broadly a value based approach, as described by Warren Buffett – buy quality businesses with predictable…

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