Annual Countdown and Summer To-Do List

Every year, right around Spring Break (or Semana Santa if you are living around these parts), I begin making a list of things I want to do when I get home to Portland. I mean, after being away from home for 10 months you have a bit of time to think about what you miss about being home and you only have five weeks or so to get everything accomplished. So, a list it is!

First- a few countdowns (via an app on my phone):

10 days until I leave for the Dominican Republic

29 days until I leave for Los Roques (fingers crossed that I will get tickets!!)

81 days until I will be in Portland!!

This school year is going by SUPER fast!


Usually I make to-do lists on post-its, but if it is important, I keep it around on my computer. Photo credit

Summer To-Do List

  1. Give everyone in my family hugs
  2. Take my nieces and nephews out to play at a park
  3. Eat with my fabulous friends at delicious Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, BBQ, and Indian places
  4. Go salsa dancing at least every Friday that I am home
  5. Convince BOTH of my brothers to go to Casino Friday (salsa dancing) at least once…followed by Andrea’s Cha Cha (more salsa dancing)
  6. Go wine tasting with friends (especially Sophie since I had so much fun last year)
  7. Go hiking with Caris and Sophie somewhere gorgeous
  8. Family vacation to Lake Tahoe
  9. SUSHI. I want delicious and fresh sushi!!!
  10. Take several photo walks with Marisa
  11. Cider Festival?
  12. Camping with the family
  13. Eat at lots of street carts
  14. Go thrift store shopping/hunting
  15. See if I can find a Kizomba class to take
  16. Ice cream at Salt & Straw
  17. Title Wave Used Bookstore classroom shopping with Alexandra
  18. Garage sale-ing with Sophie and Kaycee
  19. Weekly walk with Mom
  20. Get my hair cut
  21. Go to the doctor
  22. Go through all of my junk at my Mom’s house and have a family yard sale
  23. Get recertified in first aid/cpr
  24. Go food shopping for all the stuff I can’t get in Venezuela
  25. Finish all the paperwork to get a new work visa in Venezuela

7 responses to “Annual Countdown and Summer To-Do List

  1. I love this! In a few weeks I will be travelling home to see family… Unfortunately though I only have one week – will be fitting in much as I can!


    • Hi Katie! Thanks for visiting. It’s too bad that you will only get to go home for a week. Will you be traveling somewhere else instead? As an international teacher I am always tempted to stay in whatever continent I’m currently teaching in and just travel around for a bit. I could cover a lot of ground in the six weeks I have off for Summer! I would just miss my family too much!


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