A Little Update and an Apology

My trainer doesn't let me stick to the machines, she makes me work with free weights too!

I’ve been at the gym a lot lately. My trainer doesn’t let me stick to the machines, she makes me work with free weights too! Photo Cred 

Dear Readers!

I think it has been twice this week that stuff I have been working on has accidentally posted when it shouldn’t have. I’m sorry that I have been neglecting the blog a bit.  This has been due to a couple of things:

1.  We only have two more months of school (55 days according to my countdown app!). This means I need to make sure I’ve taught all the standards!  It also means that I can start making units for next year. The job never ends when you are a teacher!

2.  I joined the gym this week and I’m really focused on creating a schedule that I can stick with. I started working right away with a personal trainer three days a week. I’m also trying to create a habit out of it so I want to go as much as I can.  My friend told me to read, “The Power of Habit” so I can create a good habit out of working out; it’s on my list!  I’m also using the MyFitnessPal app (free) to track my calorie intake, weight, and exercise progress. So far so good!

3.  I bought my plane ticket to Ecuador! So when I’m not planning for this summer in Europe, I’m trying to plan for next December. Sadly, if I had bought it exactly a year in advance I could have saved money ($300!), as it is, I got the last seat on the flight out of Caracas. Eeek!

4. I’m still catching up on my posts from Spring Break in Colombia. There will be a post coming about the Bogota Graffiti Tour on Monday and maybe on Friday (next week) I will talk a bit about Cartagena. Here is a link to my post about Bogota the Beautiful in case you missed it.

5. I’m getting really excited to be going home for a few weeks this summer and I need to plan carefully. My annual post of things I want to do when I get home will be coming soon! My little brother just posted this link about beautiful hikes in Oregon; anyone want to go with me at the end of July?

As you can see, my mind is in a million different places. Sorry again for neglecting this space!

Do you have any exciting plans coming up that you would like to share? Any tips for creating a healthy fitness habit?


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