Foodie Friday: Backpacking with Flavor

If I were planning on traveling to a spice market (one day!) I would skip the spice rocket. Photo Cred

If I were planning on traveling to a spice market (one day!) I would skip the spice rocket. Photo Cred 

I think it must have been on Pinterest a while ago that I saw a picture of an altoids container with some straws that were labled with spice names.  I don’t know who has the kind of patience to pour spices into little straws while sealing the ends somehow without hurting yourself- not me!  So, while it takes up a bit more space and might be slightly heavier I use little sandwich baggies instead.

Simply choose your spices and dump a couple tablespoons of it into the baggy and tie the top off into a knot. If you wanted to be fancy you could get one of these spice rockets.  While I was looking for something fancy I came across this lovely spice container which I now want for my kitchen, but I don’t think it would work for backpacking unless you could somehow fashion lids to cover the individual spices (aluminum foil & rubber bands?), but I guess that would take away from the fanciness….

So what spices do I bring with me?

In order of importance:

  1. Salt
  2. Red pepper flakes
  3. Curry powder
  4. Taco seasoning
  5. Dried basil/oregano mix
  6. Pepper

Depending on how much cooking you plan on doing, you can stick with the Altoids tin, my lovely baggie method, or put them in a fancy spice container!

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