Travel Bucket List

Riding and elephant in Thailand with my friends. I would love to teach in Thailand!

Riding and elephant in Thailand with my friends. I would love to teach in Thailand!

As an international teacher it is really easy for me to travel.  Usually I try to explore the country I am teaching in first, then the countries surrounding my country, and then countries a short flight away from my job.  Using this method, I have traveled to 18 different countries.

I have really big travel plans this year: (Colombia for Thanksgiving, Machu Pichu & Bolivian Salt Flats for X-Mas, a Caribbean island for Carnival, Guatemala for Spring Break, and a European Backpacking trip through 7 different countries in the summer).  The only problem being that it is REALLY difficult to get flights out of Venezuela.  According to this article Venezuela will see less flights than Cuba or Haiti.  Because of this, my goal of reaching 31 countries by the time I turn 31 might be unrealistic after all.

So, instead of focusing on all the travel that I might not be able to do this year, I am focusing on all of the places and things I want to see before I kick the bucket!

Here is my travel bucket list:

Ride an Elephant- near Chiang Mai Thailand- done

Visit the “Tomb Raider” temple in Cambodia- done

Go skydiving

Learn to scuba

Hike the SW Canyons in the US

Go on a road trip across the US

Go to a Full Moon Party

Hot air balloon ride at sunset or sunrise (preferable in Cappadoccia)

Visit Machu Pichu

Learn to surf

Swim with sharks

Swim with dolphins

Drink mint tea in Morocco

Camp in Hawaii

Celebrate Xmas on a beach

Spend NYE in as many different countries as possible- Done in Buenos Aires, Valencia, China

Do a full RTW Trip

Go inner tubing in Laos

Get a tailor made suit in Vietnam (and several dresses too!)

Eat weird food

Island hop all over SE Asia

Party at Rio de Janiero Carnival

Go on safari in Africa

Visit all seven continents

Always travel to more countries than years I’ve been alive

Visit the Galapagos Islands

Eat tons of Swiss Chocolate from Switzerland

Go on a backpacking trip with at least one of my brothers

Go paragliding

Go bunjee jumping

Ride in a helicopter somewhere incredible

Visit the Pyramids in Egypt

Go on a desert safari

Relax on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua during lobster season

Zipline in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica

See Cartagena during Carinval

Live somewhere with a warm beach and a slow pace of life…with ample salsa dancing (advice anyone?)

Vacation on the San Blas Islands in Panama

Chill out at Bocas Del Toro, Panama too

Explore Koh Lanta, Thailand


7 responses to “Travel Bucket List

    • I would love to!! One of these days I hope to get a job at an international school in Europe (or somewhere just a short flight away), but until then, I probably wont be able to fly to the other side of the world for a four day vacation. 😦


  1. I love your bucket list…and checked myself against them. Some I wasn’t interested in, but out of 40 I can proudly say I have myself have achieved….14 of yours!…..


      • Absolutely! In 10 years time you may even find a few more additions to it and/or they may even change! My feeling too is, though bucket lists are good…don’t let it limit you, so many other incredible things will happen along the way too….enjoy… All the best for your trips!


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