How to Get Your Shows While Teaching Overseas


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I remember that a concern one of my brothers had when I was considering teaching overseas in China is how I would watch TV. “How will you watch TV, it will all be in Chinese?” my brother said to me.  First of all, it is true that once I moved overseas I became much less interested in TV (this is a good thing in my opinion).  However, certain shows that I really enjoyed after a long day of work (now I’m all about Game of Thrones!!) I was able to find and stream online.  But what happens when you can no longer get a service that you have already paid for in the states (Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, etc.) because you are in a different country?!

Lifehacker to the rescue yet again! According to this article the best way to stream online while overseas is through the use of a VPN like Hotspot Shield or an extension like Hola.

Considering that the internet in Venezuela is the second slowest in all of South America (Guyana is slightly worse), I haven’t been able to stream anything for a while (not since I left China). While I was in Mexico, Hotspot Shield worked well for streaming Hulu.

If you do have fast internet, check out the Lifehacker article for a few more ways to stream your shows overseas.


2 responses to “How to Get Your Shows While Teaching Overseas

  1. I lost interest in TV when I moved abroad too, but after a few months when I was all settled in and feeling at home, there was nothing better than streaming a show from home. Just had to get used to watching it on a laptop screen. Now TVs seem so big!


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