Who Are You? 15 Signs You Are From Portland

Portland, Oregon skyline showcasing a few of our 11 bridges. Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/twelvizm/14803244832

Portland, Oregon skyline showcasing a few of our 11 bridges. Photo cred 

If someone asked you to answer “Who Are You?” with only one word what would you say?

The first word that comes to mind is that I’m a “Portlander”. Even after living outside of the US for going on 5 years I still identify most with my hometown.

15 Signs You Are From Portland:

  1. You enjoy the rain- especially warm rain or the sight and sound of rain on a cold winter’s night
  2. You are someone who enjoys “keeping it weird”
  3. Even though you like the rain you really revel in days with uninterrupted sun
  4. You think a meal at a food cart would count as a great date
  5. You love coffee
  6. You are a little thrown off when streets are not alphabetized and numbered in order (unlike most places in Venezuela or other parts in the world I’ve lived)
  7. You are weirdly proud that Portland has the most microbrew pubs AND strip clubs per capita…even if you don’t like beer or venturing in strip clubs
  8. You don’t really know how to fill up your car with gas because someone has always pumped it for you
  9. You know who Ramblin’ Rod is and…you may have been on his show back in the day!
  10. You went to outdoor school for a week in middle school and most likely were a counselor at the same place when you were in high school
  11. You have been all over Powell’s and have sold your used books there many times
  12. You can correctly pronounce “Couch St.”, “Willamette River”, “Glisan” and of course “Oregon”
  13. You may have waited until after you turned 20 to get your license because you grew up with excellent public transportation and bike lanes
  14. You probably love brunch and could be induced to wait 2 hours for it with the right drink in hand
  15. You love the outdoors, recycling, and going green
The beautiful Japanese Maple in the Japanese Garden in Portland https://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelmattiphotography/10517564194

The beautiful Japanese Maple in the Japanese Garden in Portland. Photo cred  

So even though I have traveled to many different countries and visited many different cities, I will always return to Portland every summer, because it is where my heart is.



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