A Day in the Life of an International Teacher

I love my life as a teacher! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/39997856@N03/11813592244/in/photolist-iZVKoU-dV1Qao-45mWa-cMFyr9-mPYF-cGnABd-cYtEeu-nbHYM8-hbxci-dWFUQz-MWkq-5q8ha2-4eXbCC-5aWtL-aTpg1R-5JYX9C-9tDUZu-LtVz-KbNGW-7Q1FDD-m2yCwa-c7LrNs-98pbD3-9tcQic-6T4M4F-5mvPqx-5cXgbr-fh5fJi-9E4DzS-8zjQ1-ibLaaW-pV6n-w6Yi9-7gVfXb-Qferr-dPq1qY-e1fPFE-6WY6yA-5m9tEq-G8m1-36fbsR-4tWvDB-bR7gLc-5pT5Qb-9mF57c-7LeARG-4hgrGs-3ideH-9Fn-nCchxy

I love my life as a teacher! Photo cred 

Every teacher, school, city, country, etc is different. This is why I enjoy reading about how teachers spend their time around the world! After reading Sare’s account of an average Tuesday for her in London, I wanted to share what an average Monday is like for me here in Venezuela.

September 22nd

5:30– The alarm goes off. I hit snooze.


5:50– I finally roll out of bed, get dressed (I usually pick out my clothes for the week on Sunday night so this is a quick process), cook some eggs for breakfast while getting my coffee going in my French press.


6:35– Leave my apartment, walk to the school bus stop, and catch a ride to school with a few of the other teachers.  (Now I’m going to be driving my own car).


7:00- Start reading my school emails because usually someone starts sending them around 4AM and I typically have a few waiting, and there are always extra emails on Mondays. Get situated for classes. Go over the schedule with my new TA.


7:50– kids start coming in and we begin our Literacy Block.


9:55 – I might get to go to the bathroom at this time on other days but on Mondays and Thursdays I have recess duty.


10:05– Thankfully I have a TA this morning so I can run to the bathroom, then I eat a quick snack of a handful of almonds as I set up for math while the kids enjoy their snacks in the classroom.


11:35– I take the kids to lunch and grab my lunch to take back to my classroom. I meet with my mentor over lunch to discuss upcoming events at school.


12:05– Students come back to class. My TA takes them to Spanish class. I meet with the Counselor and the other third grade teacher every other week to discuss the behavior of the third grade students.


12:50– Kids come back for Social studies.


1:35– Kids and I go out to Recess where I have another duty.


1:45– TA takes kids to Music class and I have a period to plan and grade papers! I try to talk to people in HR about papers for a car I’m trying to buy and the cedula I’m going to get tomorrow.

2:35– We have Science class.


3:15– Some kids go with the TA to dismissal and some stay with me. Other kids come into my After School Geography club.


3:55 – The bell rings for us to all go outside for dismissal.


4:20– Most of my students have been picked up by their parents or drivers, I take two students to the office to wait for their parents.


4:45– The school bus comes to take me home. In my head I prioritize the papers that I will grade once I get home.


5:00– I get home and I make some tea because my throat has been sore for about a week and the warmth of the tea helps. Take out my grading and get to work. I only allow myself an hour a night of extra planning and/or grading time.


6:00– I’m hungry so I start cooking myself some fajitas for dinner. Only half of the grading got done that I planned to do, so I plan to grade the next morning instead of starting with my email. School email is a black hole! I look at some Pinterest lesson plan ideas on my iPad while I eat dinner.


7:30– My water arrives so I can wash the dishes and take a shower.


8:15– I decide to read for a while in bed.


9:45– I go to sleep.


So there you have it. Not terribly exciting, but on Mondays I am usually pretty tired. Occasionally I vary my schedule a bit:

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays my friend and I go speed walking around our neighborhood for about an hour. Sometimes on Wednesdays a bunch of the teachers will meet up after our staff meeting and have dinner at a pizza place near school. Friday night some of us might get together for dinner or a movie. Saturday is usually my market day where I get my groceries for the week.


Please comment! What is your schedule like as a teacher? When are you required to be at school? When do you actually leave? Do you set a limit for the work you do at home?




3 responses to “A Day in the Life of an International Teacher

  1. Yep, pretty much the same but with a baby thrown into the mix. It always amuses me when people at home assume I’m just lounging around on a beach drinking cocktails and fending off the lady boys when I’m actually marking IB essays, drinking cocktails and fending off lady boys. I like to do my marking in strange places. It stops me jamming the pen in my leg in abject boredom.


  2. I’m so glad my little post inspired you! Sounds like your day is a bit more tougher than mine though! So exciting hearing about your day, out there win the world! One day I hope to travel and be a teacher too! xx


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