My Travel Plan for 2016     


Los Roques

Venezuela is not bad when you think about all the gorgeous beaches like the ones in Los Roques! Photo Cred 

We talk about this being the “New Year”, but as a teacher, I think of the new year as something that begins around August 1st, because that is when my new year at school begins.

However, most of the world doesn’t think like me, and many people write plans for the New Year in January. I guess I missed the boat on that one, but here is my plan for the upcoming year:

Carnival 2016- 4 Days

I’m trying to keep the international travel to a minimum because I am really trying my best to pay off my student loans by the end of June 2017. So while I considered a trip to Aruba this Carnival weekend (mainly to stock up on stuff I can’t find here), I’m going to Chichriviche instead. I’ve never been to Chichi before, but it is right next to my favorite beaches of Morrocoy so I am sure I will like it.

Semana Santa 2016- 1 week

I looked into going to Cuba, but the flight was over $1000 because I waited too long. Grr! I really really really want to dance Cuban Salsa!!! I miss it so much since I’ve moved to Valencia. Anyway. Instead, I will try to find tickets to Los Roques which I went to last school year, but is so fabulous that I would like to visit again.

Summer 2016- 6 weeks

Originally I had planned on spending my entire summer backpacking through all of Central America, but I didn’t spend much time in Portland last summer so I really need some family and friend time. I hope to do some Cuban Salsa dancing at Casino Fridays. Also I have plans to go to Alaska for a couple of weeks and to take my mom to Vegas to celebrate her 50th birthday.

If you have tips for Alaska or Vegas I would love to hear them!!

Thanksgiving 2016- 4 days

Probably a trip to another Venezuelan beach, maybe Margarita again.

December 2016- 3 weeks

I’m trying to decide between Chile and Brazil. My main concern is keeping a reasonable budget while still seeing some great stuff. I want to see Easter Island in Chile, but from the prices I’ve seen so far, just the airfare is out of budget. I want to go to the Amazon or the Pantanal, but those trips are both budget busters too.

Basically, I’m trying to decide between a more urban city/ winery kind of trip in Chile or a more beachy party kind of trip in Brazil.

Please share your ideas on what would be better to do over three weeks and keep my budget healthy!

Havana Cuba

I’ve been obsessed with Cuban salsa for the past few years and I can’t wait to salsa in Cuba! Photo cred 

Semana Santa 2017 (because I’m a teacher and a planner at heart!)- 1 week

Cuba! I have been saying I would visit since I first arrived in South America, and more than five years later I need to finally make it happen.

What are your travel plans for the coming year? Share below!


7 responses to “My Travel Plan for 2016     

  1. Marisa and I went to Vegas for a weekend in October. Not sure what your budget is, but we opted to splurge on shows and food over accommodations. We stayed at the Linq (refurbed Imperial Palace) which is mid-strip and reasonably priced but pretty bare bones. Saw a comedian at Lipshticks (all female comics), saw one of the Cirque shows, and had several delicious, but expensive meals. I think if I went back, I might want to stay at Vdara (no casino, but smoke free). Let me know if you want details on our food picks!


    • For the Vegas stay I got a deal on expedia that included a hotel stay at Treasure Island and flight. My mom said that she wanted to stay at a hotel on the strip since she usually does really budget off-strip hotels. My mom is also interested in the buffets that you can find in Vegas, but isn’t really interested in spending that much money on her food. I would love to see your ideas for budget eats are good with a couple nice places thrown in.


      • Sadly, Treasure Island seemed like one of the more run down casinos on the strip, but there’s no need to hang around there. The mall next door has a Top Shop which was cool. Or there are the Canal Shoppes across the street at the Palazzo for higher end shopping. The buffet we settled on was Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasar’s Palace. It was good (lots of seafood and Asian options including soup dumplings!), but beware the weekend brunch deal. We came at the end of brunch and they charged us extra for unlimited champagne and mimosas, but then cut us off when brunch transitioned to dinner less than an hour later. That really soured the experience for me. If you want to splurge a little, I’d recommend Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris. It’s a little cheesy, but quite the experience. We shared a beef wellington and it was AMAZING. The bread was great too! A more reasonably priced place we picked out ahead of time but didn’t make it to was Public House at the Venetian. Good luck dealing with all the smokers!


  2. I hope the rooms at TI were better than the casino then. 😦 The buffet at Cesar’s Palace was definitely on my list. Mom loves steak so we might have to check out Ramsay’s place. I will look into the Public House. I have learned this year that I find the smell of smoke more acceptable after I have had a lot to drink…. lol


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