Wow! Look at those numbers!

Thank you note in multiple languages photo cred:

Thank you note in multiple languages photo cred

Just a quick post today.

I noticed that, according to WordPress, in the past seven and a half months that this blog has been in existence, I have had over 10,000 hits and over 5000 visitors to the blog!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who reads and comments on this blog.  Teaching Wanderlust helps me feel a little more connected to this world while living overseas by myself. I love the online community and feeling like I have helped someone or helped entertain them for a little while.

I’m living in a bigger city this year and just starting at a new school so I’m finding it a bit more difficult to post three times a week. I will do my best to continue to post three times a week, but don’t be surprised if that number drops to twice a week.

Comment below: Please help me fight writer’s block by sharing a few questions you might have or other topics that you might like me to write about.


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