January Roundup

I miss sunrise on a foggy morning and the sense of mystery and new beginnings that it brings photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/fraangio/12547357015/in/photolist-k7Lu6D-6Bz3ck-aFvvfM-jsg6L2-5P3Z7U-brSkyz-ajKdFV-b5nwZ2-afZuPt-dWFpts-6ahxFa-jSHZpC-4UaVgk-7Twnby-oqRLf-5c36dj-i5GVpR-96wKSL-8x1JZy-iP2KEt-4p8GAW-7vJaMY-6Mcp8v-c2VoMC-ntrqsQ-dqRvW2-b4EvtT-7Kr6xb-5NTT84-iNiNfV-98hbtT-9DEv2R-9PCCZ9-6Fy7XA-bAMBLE-9Ls4wM-5TReWD-iMtzeF-doeo22-hBnTe9-b5sUQk-9W6ZCZ-7Kp4gC-9Mx3AS-iMReBi-JuLfL-eUH7Pv-5NHqWa-c3hVYy-6kFwE9

I miss sunrise on a foggy morning and the sense of mystery and new beginnings that it brings
photo cred 

Hello 2015! We are halfway through the school year and I know that 2015 will be a great year! I started my year with travel in Peru and Bolivia, which I am still processing. I have some great travel plans in mind for the rest of the year too!

Here are the articles, books, and songs that have caught my attention this month:

Around the web:

I love to eat and explore but I have never paid for a food tour because I’m too poor, so in the future I need to do what this blogger did and create your own! http://twenty-somethingtravel.com/2013/06/how-to-plan-your-own-food-tour/

I cannot wait to explore Prague this summer! http://matadornetwork.com/trips/how-to-explore-prague-like-a-local/

As a teacher whose school HEAVILY promotes Accelerated Reader I felt a bit guilty when I was reminded of what I learned in teacher school: https://www.choiceliteracy.com/articles-detail-view.php?id=1579

I think the idea of this app is pretty cool, but when I tried it I couldn’t make it keep track of the things that I have already ticked off my list so I don’t think I will use it. http://lifehacker.com/tripnary-tracks-your-travel-bucket-list-helps-you-deci-1679461051

I’m feeling the effects of a strong dollar in Venezuela… http://www.npr.org/2015/01/06/375201124/how-a-too-strong-dollar-might-lead-to-a-too-weak-world?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=news

If you don’t make your own popcorn already you should try this method: http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/01/how-to-make-microwave-popcorn-brown-paper-bag.html

I always dream of retiring and then I just remember that as an international teacher I can apply to schools in or near these great retirement spots! http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/on-retirement/2015/01/27/10-surprisingly-affordable-retirement-hotspots


I have already read NINE (there was a lot of travel time involved!) books since the start of the New Year, but this is the only one worth recommending: Big Little Lies by Liane Morirarty This book seemed original and it kept me guessing the whole time regarding the central mystery. It brought out some laughs, tears, and some air punches- great!


This month there hasn’t been anything I’m really excited about watching on TV so here are some great songs that I’m listening to.

I came across three new-to-me songs this month (one each from Megan Trainer, The Weeknd, and Paloma Faith):

I have met so many guys who this song is just perfect for: “Lips Keep Moving” by Megan Trainer

I just came across “Earned It” by The Weeknd on Youtube as I was writing this…the video is pretty racey and probably shouldn’t be watched at work…or in front of young children. The song is really hot though and should be fully enjoyed with a nice glass of wine or your partner of choice! 😉

If you like Amy Winehouse and/or Duffy you might just love Paloma Faith’s, “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”.

I also keep coming back to anything by Sam Smith, but “Stay With Me” pops into my head all the time.

Another one I keep coming back to is Ed Shereen’s, “Thinking Out Loud”.


What is keeping you entertained?


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