Getting Excited About Poetry SOL#24

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I love poetry! Next month is national poetry month (not in Venezuela, but I’m bringing it to my classroom!).  Yesterday I read a post from a fellow slicer about “found poems” and it inspired a lesson in my third grade class.

We are finishing up a unit on historical fiction but we are also gearing up for national poetry month. I combined these subjects with the help of my class to write a found poem about Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt.

Freedom Quilt Found Poem

When I was eleven

I picked crops as a slave

in the hot sun

Aunt Rachel taught me how to sew

Then I got to work in the Big House instead

A map is a picture of the land

I worked on the quilt for a long time

Then one night the quilt was done

Maybe others could use it

People just follow the stitches to freedom


10 responses to “Getting Excited About Poetry SOL#24

    • It was so cute when we got to the end of the book and had finished writing our poem. I read it aloud and heard several students saying, “that’s so cool!” They were amazed that we could find words and phrases and summarize the book this way.


  1. I was just going to ask what the “found” was and read your reply above.
    “Found from the text.” Definitely going to try this with the class vs. just writing a summary. Thanks! D 🙂

    P.S. I just read your post about being a Portland girl. I’m here and it’s amazing. I had a feeling you might be west coast. Can’t wait to share these sites with the fam. Thanks!


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