Enjoying a Mid-Week “No Work” Day SOL#25

Slice of life

Over the weekend my school emailed everyone to let us know that the Mayor of Valencia has called for Wednesday (today) to be a “no work” day.  Whoo! Random, but still a day off.  Or it would have been had I finished my report card comments over the weekend as planned.

Instead, I went to school for about four hours and finally finished my report cards!! Now some of us teachers are going to get together for Chinese food. Anything involving food always sounds like a good way to celebrate in my book!

Two more days of work and then it is on to Spring Break in Colombia. I will be going to be spending four days in Bogota and Cartagena! It will be rainy in Bogota according to the weather reports I’ve seen online, BUT I will get to see two friends who live there so it is worth it.  Also, Cartagena’s walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it will be toasty warm there so I wont suffer too much!

If you have any must-see or must-do things in either city please let me know!


9 responses to “Enjoying a Mid-Week “No Work” Day SOL#25

  1. Wow!! I wish someone here would declare a “no work” day! I’d so go along with it. Your break plans sound so great. I’ll look forward to pictures and hearing about it!


  2. I’m not sure who had the day off. I can say that the streets had much less traffic and the staff at the school had the day off (other than security). I went out for Chinese food at about 3PM and the place was packed! My friends who had been there before said that they had never seen so many people at the restaurant.


  3. That’s a nice surprise! I want a no-work day! But I’d like to be paid for it too! 🙂 The line in this post that stuck me the most was that you were going out for Chinese food. For some reason, I thought only Americans ate food from other cultures. Which, now that I’m writing this, I know is not true because I ate Italian in Germany! haha I guess I need to get out more!


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