Wishful Wednesday: The American School of Bombay

Mumbai skyline at night Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/ericwehmeyer/15047414357

Mumbai skyline at night Photo cred 

This school has long been at the top of my list of international schools.  The professional development at this school is widely talked about and the technology is top notch.  The two purpose built campuses have outstanding resources and look absolutely beautiful too!


I give this school a  9.5/10! 

1. What type of school is it?

Non-profit, US accredited, IB World School

2. Student population:

There were 750 students last year and an expected enrollment of 800 this year. Great mid-size school! Also, I read somewhere that at least one parent must be a foreign passport holder for students to gain admittance. 40-60 different nations are represented every year making for a very diverse campus! Specifically, the school website breaks student population down as, “25-30% US nationals, 10-15% Indian nationals, 55-60% third country nationals.”

3. Class size:

There is a reported 18 students in each classroom and the student/faculty ratio is 5:1! This is the best student/faculty ratio that I’ve ever come across!

4. Technology:

This school offers something really special: an entire “online academy“! Their school offers courses, certificates, and even a master’s degree to people worldwide! So cool!

They also have a 1:1 laptop program and a bring you own device program. Technology is definitely this school’s strong point.

5. Retirement:

Not mentioned on the school website. However, I read this blog, which mentions that ASB will match a 12% contribution. That is awesome!

6. Overall package:

I couldn’t find any salary or benefit information, so everything I’ve gleaned is from second hand sources in various places on the web.  The yearly salary range for teachers is said to be between $40-75K. The cost of living is low and salary is quite high in comparison!

Gate of India in Mumbai photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/danielmennerich/11982434135/in/photolist-jfR7cZ-njUoMN-abuwXN-f415P9-eGSuSp-eGZ3B3-9ZBe78-a2up1p-CtGQu-4H75kB-4m1M4G-4E3MGt-5fAkhB-ixgt-7vcdhJ-dMmC8C-ru6p7H-bqkRii-qPQiJ5-7DuDQ1-9wv2r-2dfUCw-9YLt9V-9n4qrg-7eoKak-74FMW5-yTdpc-2Yecfj-7vcj6o-aGPTge-rjnfH4-itVus3-C2xky-C2xdc-3VmACz-fCTH4X-f3rNax-f3G7Hh-cnNaN1-cdWAHG-bwngir-aeKSo7-a9nnwG-9qLN4p-9mMQ9b-9mMKim-9gTgra-8LdqDi-8LhjVw-8LgAc5

Gate of India in Mumbai photo cred 

7. City Profile:

Mumbai is a huge city right on the Arabian Sea.  It is a very cosmopolitan city, said to be liberal, and is famous for Bollywood. Temperatures normally hover around 80-90F which I’m now accustomed to after living in Venezuela for the past few years.  It is a city with tons of public transport and hired drivers are said to be common for many expat staff members. There are tons of festivals and activities to keep anyone busy in this bustling city!

8. Salsa Dancing:

After searching for quite some time I could only find one weekly night of salsa dancing (held at a sushi restaurant). Even though there are several places to take classes, I feel like I must deduct a half point for not having more salsa dancing available for the 20 million people in this city. Shame!

9. Teachers:

Last year there were 167 full time faculty members. I know someone who was just hired there and she is awesome, so it makes me think that there will be other amazing educators there too!

10. Food:

Mumbai is a huge city and you can find any kind of food you might want. However, who doesn’t like Indian food!?! I have been to many Indian buffets in Oregon (because I can never decide what I want) and I just eat everything because I have never come across something I didn’t like. Mumbai is said to be famous for its street food, just make sure they are using filtered water to make your food.  I have heard of many cases of “indian belly”, so just try to eat at clean looking reputable places and know that you are bound to get sick sooner or later.

Please comment! Have you been to Mumbai? Would you want to work there? Have you or someone you know worked at the American School of Bombay? Can you add any info to what I’ve listed above? 


4 responses to “Wishful Wednesday: The American School of Bombay

  1. Dear Wanderlust,
    Thanks for the positive review. As the Superintendent of ASB I whole-heartedly agree with your thoughts and observations. I guess I am kind of disappointed that we lost 0.5 points for no Salsa dancing (we really thing we deserve the 10/10). Doesn’t our weekly Bharatanatyam sessions (classical Indian dancing) count as a substitute for Salsa in your rubric? Ha!
    Again, thanks for the important and thoughtful work you are doing. It is all much appreciated.
    Craig Johnson


    • Dear Mr. Johnson,

      Thanks for your reply!

      I’ve been doing reviews like this for a while and you are the first person actually involved with one of the schools to respond.

      I’ve been dancing salsa for the past ten (almost 11) years, so while I am happy that classical Indian dancing is available as well as one night of salsa, a perfect score requires a little more. 🙂 However, I think any kind of dance is highly beneficial for kids to participate in so great job anyway!


      Amanda Isberg


    • Hey, Zenna! Welcome. Thanks for the good news! I think I will definitely need to apply! Have you heard anything about salsa or kizomba dancing there? hahaha When a school is this great, I could overlook the lack of dancing… or maybe start something of my own.


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