April Monthly Roundup

My favorite pic of Cartagena that I took before the tourists woke up. Love the colors!

My favorite pic of Cartagena that I took before the tourists woke up. Love the colors!

Hey wonderful readers from France! I had 662 page views from France yesterday! I haven’t written very much about France (other than the American School of Paris and that I will spend 5 days there this coming summer), so I am curious to know what you all are interested in? Most of the page views were from my archives so I have no idea.  Welcome!

Around the Web:

I’m going to Europe this summer for about a month so I was very interested when I saw this map about dating norms in Europe.

Some interesting maps of the world. My state is still know for having the most craft breweries per capita! If only I liked beer! 😦

The Euro is weakening, making this Summer a fantastic time to visit because the US dollar is gaining strength.

I keep hoping to find an affordable way to visit Cuba while I’m living in South America, but it looks like the restrictions on US travel to Cuba are easing even more than before and I might be able to fly from the US more cheaply. Airbnb is even listing rooms in Cuba now!


Here is Sia’s newest gorgeous song and video, “Fire Meets Gasoline”:


I finally finished Rick Riordan’s, “Blood of Olympus“. It took me a while to finish it (even though I have read most of his books), and it left me wanting more. I wanted more Annabel and Hazel!  I have been reading his books since about 2009 or so and many of my boy students love this series so I still highly recommend it. I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.


I have to admit that I wasn’t reading as much as usual because I was watching WAY more TV than usual! Netflix released a whole season of an awesome new show called Daredevil this month! My friend compared it to Arrow, because it is about another masked vigilante trying to save his city from organized crime, but whereas I could only watch a handful of Arrow episodes before losing interest, this show has me hooked! In fact, over the course of one week, I managed to watch most of the season (thus reading considerably less than I normally would).  This show is darker than Arrow and the acting is better.

Also, nothing new here, but GAME OF THRONES started airing again this month! I read all of the books and I am a huge fan of the show. I love Arya’s storyline and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season.  Someone leaked the first few episodes before the first episode officially aired so I have been doing my best to exercise restraint and not watch them before they air.


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