Why I Love My Neighborhood

Sunset in my neighborhood.

Sunset in my neighborhood with a view of the hills in the distance

At this time of year returning teachers can ask to move apartments. At my school you are allowed to move apartments once, no matter how long you stay here, unless you eventually buy your own place.  So the decision of whether or not to move is a big one.

The other day I got an email from a friend telling me the reasons I should move into a soon-to-be-vacated apartment in her building.  Even though she made some good points, and there are a few other teacher apartments I wouldn’t mind living in, I’ve decided to stay in my apartment… for now.  I just really love my neighborhood!

Why I love Trigalena:

1. Trigalena Plaza is a block away from my apartment. There are tons of restaurants and other businesses that can keep me occupied on a lazy weekend.

2. My gym is in Trigalena Plaza. For less than $20 a month I have a personal trainer three times a week, unlimited classes, and full access to machines and free weights. Also, there is a fancy sauna in case I feel like the tropical heat outside isn’t enough.

3. Laser Hair Removal is also found in the Plaza.  For less than $15 per visit I can have several areas on my body zapped with a laser so the hair follicles on my body stop growing hair…or something. It is really handy when you can’t find razes or shaving cream!

4. Tortellini Express is in the Plaza. I usually go here once every other week or so to pick up fresh tortellini and/or imported products that I can’t find at the local supermarket.

5. The Farmer’s Market is a quick walk or an even faster drive (I like to take my car so I can haul all my produce home!). Here you can get homemade wheat bread, fresh cheese, fish, fresh orange juice, super cheap fruits and veggies, AND there is one stand that usually has items that are hard to find in actual stores (toilet paper, shampoo, laundry detergent, milk, and bar soap were all there last weekend). AND today I found out that on Fridays the market is even BETTER with fish, cheese, clothing, and more black market products (coffee, toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo) available!!! I’m actually considering if I can wake up at 5 AM to go to the Friday market before I go to school.  Hmmm.

6. The majority of my friends all live on the same block as I do. There are four apartment buildings that the majority of us expats live in and they are all next to one another. This is handy if you want to have some people over, gather a group to go to eat together, or to organize rides somewhere.

7. It is a nice neighborhood.  There are sidewalks, street lamps, and security guards in my neighborhood so I feel pretty safe walking around.

8. It is close to school. I can drive to school in 5 minutes or walk there in 20.

9. Mansion de Pan is even closer than Trialena Plaza.  I try not to eat bread or sweets, because once I start I don’t want to stop, but if I want something like that I can get it at the Mansion de Pan.

10. Farmatodo is about half a block away.  This is a good place for grabbing any meds you might need when you get sick. Also, if you are lucky you can sometimes find shampoo, deodorant, and soap!

Now there are a couple of apartments IN my neighborhood that I would move into, but they are currently occupied!  So, for now I will stay in my apartment even if I can only take five minute showers, my sink is too small for a dinner plate to lie flat, and there is no water tank for those days when I only have a few hours of running water.  I love my neighborhood, so I will stay!

Also, I am looking forward to just staying in one place and not having to move!

Have you ever been given the opportunity to move to a better place but you stayed for various reasons? What makes you want to stay somewhere? 


4 responses to “Why I Love My Neighborhood

  1. Your neighborhood sounds great! I can imagine wanting some more conveniences within your apartment, but the location sounds perfect. I’d love to see pictures of your apartment. Is it tiny? Roomy? Windows or not? I”m so interested in seeing where people live! I struggled for about 8 years with the decision of whether to stay in my old bungalow or sell it and find something a bit more modern with a bit more comfort. I went back and forth and back again until about 3 years ago when I decided I was going to go for it. I motored through some home improvements, storing tons of my things in a storage unit (box by box, hauled in the back of my Prius) and then the whole listing, showing, open house stuff. Within a month I had sold my house, found my ideal dream place and moved to it. Talk about whirlwind! And it was worth it. When the time was right, nothing could stop the change. I find change is like that.


    • I love how things can work out for the best in the blink of an eye! I am happy that you were able to find your dream place!

      I never thought too much about what a dream house would look like for me (since I have very little control over my housing situation when the schools generally provide it free of charge). Now I know that having a sink that is big enough to wash a dinner plate properly, counter space for food prep, a water tank for days when there is only a couple hours of running water, and a hot water heater with more than 5 minutes of hot water are important to me. Also, after living in a tropical environment I have also learned that I need AC in my bedroom if I have any hope of falling asleep.

      I will have to do a post about saying goodbye for my apartment for the summer! My apartment is cute but small for someone who lived for two years in a giant ranch style house for two years previously. I am lucky enough to have a window in every room except for my guest bathroom. Also, the place came with some okay artwork and other details here and there so it isn’t a beige box!

      I am content to stay here for at least another year.


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