What to Eat in Bruges, Belgium

Who needs Venice when I can stop in Bruges, Belgium? That's what I'm telling myself at least! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/wolfgangstaudt/2597081317/in/photolist-rhEXs-48Aiyj-9kNBtU-dQonE3-4XuHN6-bncsMV-odt2o7-4dRvjp-dfTHPW-7CYHbx-4e8WQv-de7RCE-6Enida-4WHibG-fkvviu-4KahZ5-4dMoP1-7RKWA5-4QUCBE-cgWiDs-c9Dq2W-5KKSma-5pifQc-ftgsUH-fzUZXE-4SB3hZ-9kKhWt-e5CrSv-dvQYdw-iRefHz-2Wexz9-4dCVmZ-ok376A-aD8QCd-9kNfL9-4dtUPZ-mMh32C-79TvrY-aCue3b-deoSV9-4ekTRR-nmHxvi-79Tzzy-dh6xk4-aJMrnV-8Gavu1-8Gamhs-9UE8t-8GatXj-nvQkbt

Who needs Venice when I can stop in Bruges, Belgium? That’s what I’m telling myself at least! Photo cred 

Bruges is a day trip on my itinerary that I’ve managed to squeeze in between Paris and Amsterdam. I will only be there for about 6 hours or so. This means I will be there in time for brunch, a snack, and an early dinner. What and where should I eat?  Some places need reservations (or so it seems while researching), so if you have suggestions for places I should eat it, please share!

Street Snack on the way to brunch?

Stroopwafels- thin waffle covered in syrup

Brunch at de Verbeelding 

Stoverij (beef stew)- they say that Stoverij is like boeuf bourguignon, but it’s beer, rather than wine that the beef is cooked with. Typically it is served with fries. I almost never eat fried food because it generally makes me feel sick later, but I have always had a weak spot for fries so I will make an exception in the birthplace of the “French” fry.


Liege waffle (some street cart?) – apparently these are thicker sweeter waffles. I have never seen waffles in Venezuela (nor a waffle maker that I could buy) so every summer I’m ready to gorge myself on them!

Chocolate from Dumon Chocolatier– reported to be the smoothest and creamiest chocolate in the country made fresh daily by Madam Dumon and her son.

Early Dinner at Gruuthuse Hof 

Belgian beer– This one concerns me because I hate bitter hoppy beer…and really almost every single beer I’ve ever tried (and the others I’ve actually managed to finish I still didn’t like very much). In college I seem to remember trying some sweet fruity beer (maybe a Lambic) that I liked. Does anyone have any recommendations of beer that I should try?

Mussels cooked in white wine. I love mussels and I hardly ever get to have them because you just don’t see them in stores around Valencia.  I’ve read in a few places that the average Belgian eats 8 kg of mussels a year- I would fit right in if given the opportunity!

Snack to go

I’m a chocoholic so I will do my best to cart some Belgian chocolate out of the country! Also, if it isn’t too hot I might try to get a hot chocolate for the train ride into Amsterdam.

Do you have any other suggestions for things I must eat in my limited time in Belgium? Do you have a better suggestion of restaurants to go to?


13 responses to “What to Eat in Bruges, Belgium

  1. I reckon you’d like Liefman’s Kriek cherry beer, or any ‘Kriek’. Also try Delirium – it’s 8% but doesn’t taste too hoppy and my wife (who doesn’t like beer) loved it. Try Chez Vincent for fries and stoovries – enjoy!


  2. I am heading to Belgium soon! YAY!! Love the photos they look fab!! 🙂 I like the way you have put this all together, it looks really good. I am a teacher too, but these days mostly a writer, traveller and photographer. Living the dream! Would love you to check out my blog http://www.anitaozo.com


    • I didn’t take the pictures, merely found them on Flikr Creative Commons, but I love finding pretty pictures. I am still learning how to use the different settings on my DSLR since I basically can’t use it for 10 months while I’m living in Venezuela.

      I checked out your website. Love the photos! I will be sure to follow you. I will look forward to reading about your time in Belgium!

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  3. Save the stroopwafel binge for the Netherlands where you can find a stand where they make em’ fresh. Also the stands sell all the extra random leftover bits in bags. You can also find a variety of stroopwafel ice creams too. I’m sure they have them in BE as well though.
    Bruges is so beautiful!


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