What to Eat in Paris

Macarons! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/beche/2813179053/in/photolist-5hAh88-4ficX4-axyEbd-59iyeX-4ficWV-EqMYq-52ArCy-9ufnEF-9t6fV9-4ohzTG-9n5rS4-7ERcwT-Bc1Ux-9n5qeF-9ZDkqC-4odvPz-7BfMgn-6eQcVy-52wbM6-52ArJo-oBvey-4xVj1-9ZdznP-7kKp5n-52wbXk-6D9Dkh-9ufnAz-59nMrq-9AzrxE-7XJBti-51GNf8-52An3o-6yCNJa-guU2mE-vkbYv-6wLVDi-EqMXW-4yEBD-aNG5pT-Jkw86-2NLSjE-DBpjN-nPupTq-9AhewT-9gHJYh-dHwg4e-9ufnC4-DVvqB-79xi6-6EHBVB

Macarons! Photo cred 

I don’t know if you know this, but I really like food! I grew up in Portland, Oregon with cheap food carts and ethnic food everywhere. I just thought that was how it was everywhere in the world.


Then I moved overseas and learned that most of the time (in China, Mexico, and Venezuela at least) a variety of options not from the host country can be hard to find… especially in Venezuela where I’ve been living the past few years. So I am all about online recipes and I trying to make my own versions with what I have available.

I will be writing a series of blog posts about what I think I need to try and MUST NOT MISS while I’m visiting specific cities in Europe.  Keep in mind that I have never been to these cities and these posts are all from my own research. I would love to hear if my readers agree about the foods I want to try and would especially love to hear if I am missing something!

This brings me to my post about food in Paris. I’m going to be all over Europe with the opportunity to eat amazing food everyday. I have to be strategic about it because I am on a budget. I would love to just take a foodie tour around Paris, but I they are all pretty expensive AND I feel like I will just enjoy everything I eat anyway!! Therefore I’m doing my homework ahead of time so I can hit the ground running.

From my research, these are the foods that I cannot pass up in Paris:

  1. Falafel- from L’As du Falafel is highly recommended by David Lebovitz whose blog I’ve followed over the years.
  2. Macarons from Laduree or Pierre Herme
  3. Crepes and Galettes: Dave Lebovitz says his favorite crepes are from Crêperie BretonneWest Country Girl, and Breizh Café.
  4. Salted butter from Le Beurre Bordier and Pain aux Cereales (bread with grains) from Eric Kayser 
  5. Seafood: half crab or set menu for about 13E at L’ilot.  Mussels at Le Dome.
  6. Wine: this is a food group in my house! Maybe at Willi’s Wine Bar but most likely just bought on any street corner!
  7. Escargots: I have loved them every time I’ve tried them, so I need to eat them somewhere in Paris! Suggestions?
  8. Chausson aux Pommes: A pastry folded in half and baked with a filling akin to apple sauce. Or Pain Au Chocolat– bread with pieces of chocolate. I don’t usually eat sweet stuff for breakfast, but this sounds good!
  9. Chocolate and Caramels– maybe if I eat enough of them while I’m in Paris I will be able to share some with friends and family when I get home. From Patrick Roger and Jacques Genin.
  10. Croissants and coffee– perfect for snack time!
  11. Cheese from Laurent Dubois or Fromagerie Quatrehomme. I need to try French cheese! I could eat cheese everyday…but I can’t because I live in Venezuela.
  12. Splurge meal…or two. Astir sounds nice.

Paris will also be my last stop in Europe. This made me wonder, “What should I bring home to eat with family and friends?”

  1. Caramels– I love caramels- who doesn’t?!
  2. Atlantique chocolate caramel covered shortbread from Patrick Roger
  3. Cheese– suggestions for cheeses that will make the trip back to PDX?
  4. Wine – I highly doubt that if I managed to lug home some wine that I wouldn’t save it for when I got back to Venezuela where I don’t have much to choose from.
  5. Spices– I love finding spices wherever I travel and using them throughout the school year when I’m whipping up my own dishes.

Please comment: Am I missing something here? Did I hit the high points?


13 responses to “What to Eat in Paris

  1. Oh, this sounds like a wonderful way to see Paris. I’d like to try anything chocolate and the macarons. Please share your delicious taste trials!


  2. Hot chocolate (yes, even in the summer) from Angelina’s. On Rue de Rivoli. It’s amazing! On my first trip to Paris, several friends (all totally unrelated) emailed me and told me to go there. It was worth it!


  3. I’m so excited for your trip! There’s nothing better than a picnic of a fresh tradicion (baguette), French cheese, and a cheap bottle of wine. When getting cheese, I highly recommend Comté. It’s my all time favorite.
    Have fun!! 🙂


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