Final Itinerary for My European Backpacking Trip

Sunset in Santorini photo cred

I am so looking forward to seeing sunset in Santorini photo cred 

I have made multiple references to my upcoming trip to Europe this coming summer (my original 31 X 31 Goal, Packing a Year in Advance, and 1 Month European Budget), but I realize that I haven’t written about my final European backpacking itinerary! While planning to visit 9 countries in one summer for the past year, I have realized just how much I would love to be based in Europe (or even a quick flight away).  There are SO many places I want to see, but I have narrowed it down to NINE countries in the short amount of time I have there.

I will be solo traveling through Paris, Bruges, and Amsterdam. My friend Waleska decided to join me for the rest of my trip (though she hasn’t committed to staying at the same places and doing all of the same stuff) so I will have a travel buddy. My good friend Emily was also able to meet up with me for the Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest portion so for about a week I will even have TWO travel buddies! Whoo!

Here is my exact itinerary including dates in case anybody else I know happens to be in the area and wants to meet up!

Backpacking Europe- 9 Countries in 27 days- My Itinerary

0. Fly PDX-YVR-YUL-CDG- June 17

1. Paris, France (4 nights)- June 18-22

2. Bruges, Belgium (Day trip)- June 22

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands (3 nights)- June 22- June 25

4. Berlin, Germany (3 nights)- June 25- 28

5. Prague, Czech Republic (3 nights)- June 28- July 1

6. Bratislava, Slovakia (1 night)- July 1-2

7. Budapest, Hungary (2 nights)- July 2- July 4

8. Istanbul, Turkey (3 nights)- July 4- July 7

9. Athens, Greece (3 nights)- July 7- July 10

9.2 Santorini, Greece (2 nights)- July 10- July 12

July 12-14 Then I will spend a short night in Athens and one more night in Paris on my way back home.

Fly home on July 14- CDG- YUL- YVR- PDX

I only have a short amount of time and I wanted to see as many countries as I comfortably (we’ll have to see just how comfortable I am in the end) can.  I have a pretty tight itinerary as a result!  Like I said above, one day I hope to live in Europe (and with my job it is always a possibility), so I hope to be able to explore at a slower pace in the future. For now, this fast paced trip will have to do!

If you have any must-visit places that are a bit off the beaten path I would love to read them in the comment section below! 


8 responses to “Final Itinerary for My European Backpacking Trip

    • When I read your post about your upcoming move to Albania, my first thought was, “She will be able to travel all over Europe now!”

      I’m going to work a few more years here in Venezuela (as long as it doesn’t get too much more dangerous) and then I will try my hardest to get a teaching job in, or within a short flight, to Europe!


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