Last Week of School Before Summer Break!!!!

This is the last week I will walk on my campus UNTIL next August!

This is the last week I will walk on my gorgeous campus UNTIL next August!

This is the last week of school for those of us at CIC Valencia! Whoo!

On Friday, I’m sending my students off for their summer break with a long list of suggested books, some writing prompts, and some math and coding apps to keep them busy over the summer.

I will be really busy cleaning out my classroom (does anyone else have to pack up EVERYTHING including the classroom library for the summer?!), packing my stuff to go home for the summer, backpacking Europe, packing in tons of fun stuff in Portland, and then coming back to Venezuela in August.  I will try really hard to pay attention to my blog over the summer too!

I’m working on some posts for the whole summer just in case I don’t have time to post while I’m traveling.  I will see any comments made on the blog on my iphone while I’m traveling, but I’m not sure how often I will be able to sign in and reply. Just know that your comments are being read (comments are usually the first emails I read when I wake up every morning)!  My goal is to have posts continue twice a week as usual (unless it is Wishful Wednesday or a Monthly Roundup week).

Have a great week everyone!


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